Indian Logistics Industry: Current Scenario and Future Outlook

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What Can We Expect from FinTech Sector in 2017?


The Real Taste of Hyperlocal Industry – What to Expect in 2017

According to a study conducted by Ken Research, the Hyperlocal sector in India started booming during 2015, and also recorded a 41% growth in market revenue during the same time.

Why is the shelf-life of the latest apps reducing dramatically?


The Current State of Machine Intelligence 3.0

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5 Forecasts About the Future of Apps and SEO

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Business Models in Internet of Things

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Mobile Affiliate Marketing Trends in India and Around the Globe

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SaaS is Ripe for Disruption – Are We at Peak SaaS?

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Evolving Trends in Ecommerce 2014


 Sulakshan Kumar, CO founder & Director


Ecommerce in India is approaching its high point in 2014. The market is growing at rapid pace and already Flipk


Usability testing Vs. Trend Analysis