About iamwire

iamwire is a digital incubator cum network for the technology ecosystem. It helps professionals and new-age entrepreneurs to build innovative products & companies. It provides knowledge, awareness, network connections and collaboration features for its users. The company is committed towards the growth of its users. It is in operations since 2011 with its headquarters in Gurgaon (India).

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an organisation that fuels innovation all across the globe

Our Mission

iamwire’s mission is to enable entrepreneurs and professionals build & scale innovative products & companies.

Life & Career

We are always on a lookout for great passionate souls who want to help others with their intellect. If you are looking to do something of your own, and make a difference with hard work, intelligence & leadership qualities, iamwire team welcomes you whole-heartily for any possible role. Connect with abhinav{at}iamwire.com.

For others, who are excited to be a part of iamwire, check out a few of many options available at www.iamwire.com/careers or talk with us directly at careers{at}iamwire.com.


We also have a few awesome ownership roles where you can do real R&D/Internship along with your college/school. You can work full time, part time, onsite, freelance, work-from-home or work-from-cloud. Any role you choose will get your grey matter working and might even bring out the innovative you. For more details contact careers{at}iamwire.com