10 Successful Startups In Hyderabad India – 2019

As the craze of Startups in India is at its peak, there has been a lot of entrepreneurs especially in the technology field who have been building world-class products which have really made a huge impact. We all know about Swiggy, Paytm, Byju’s because they majorly have B2C businesses but we know very less about B2B startups who are doing great as well; specifically tech-based product startups.

Bangalore being the Technology Hub of India and has been the cradle of many impressive startups, but there are a lot of other tech startups based out at other cities as well who are doing exceptionally well.

Hyderabad is one of the emerging tech cities in India and in recent times it has become the face of tech innovation. Playing a major role as the startup revolution throughout the country by establishing startup ecosystem that influences and inspires development and mentorship to nascent phase startups. T-hub, a well planned and prosecuted state government led incubator for start-ups has become the part and parcel of the City now.

In this article, I have compiled a list of Startups born out of Hyderabad and has made a dent in the market place in their respective line of business.

Keka HR – Keka is a Cloud-based complete HRMS suite . It started in late 2016 with the idea to fill the gap in the Indian HR market space. Keka was able to fill the gap in the Indian HR market space by introducing modern generation technology and concepts in their software. Thus they were able to create a huge Impact in just 2 years of its inception.  They majorly cater to Small and medium-sized organization but even then they were able to infold names Oyo rooms, Oneplus, Upgrad, etc.

Ekincare – ekincare is a AI driven healthcare technology platform. It started in 2015 with a mission to promote health and wellness in the corporate world. In today’s corporate world where people are still far from leading a healthy life. ekincare is trying to push organizations to make healthy living a part of their culture. ekincare has been noticed by the corporate world and is being loved for its effort.

Flytta – Flytta is corporate relocation platform. Began in late 2016 with a vision to make employee relocation as easy as ordering food. It’s easy to use platform and an efficient logistics team it has been really creating impact. With major enterprise clients in their pocket, Flytta is one of the pioneers in the relocation sector.

Hug Innovation – Hug Innovation has developed gesture control technology which enables touchless communication with IoT devices. Founded in 2014 it has build 4 sensational products; Hug Fit, Hug Smartwatch, My Buddy(Child tracking device), Hug Elan.

Agile CRM – Agile CRM is diversified customer relationship management system. Started in 2013 it has not just been recognized at top quality CRM system in India but also in the Global market. Within a short period of time, it was able to capture a huge share of market share.

Zaggle – Founded in 2011, Zaggle is a payment company with a focus on business and corporates. Zaggle designs propriety tech platforms that connect corporate and consumer requirements with merchants who have the best-suited solution for them.

Ozonetel – Ozonetel is leading Cloud Telephony solution provider. Solution like Voice, email,  social media, chats is provided by them. Running different marketing campaign in an efficient and effective manner has been their goal.

Darwinbox – Darwinbox is a Cloud HRMS platform. It started in 2016 as an end to end model. With its scalable platform and business structure, it has been working mostly for enterprise level clients. In a short period, it has created a significant impact in the market.

High Radius – HighRadius is a Fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company which leverages Artificial Intelligence-based Autonomous Systems to help companies automate Accounts Receivable and Treasury processes.

Pay Nearby – Pay near is a Hyperlocal Finserve network started in 2016. They operate in B2B2C model with partners with neighborhood stores who can offer assisted Digital Financial services like Adhaar, ATM, SMS Payment, Khata Service, Utility Payment, Credit Cards, Mutual Funds and Insurance etc.

According to my analysis and study of startups; Hyderabad will become India’s largest startup hub in the years to come. With the support and help from the government of Telangana, I believe it will become a global cradle of startups.

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