[Video] Becoming Warren Buffett HBO Documentary

Image Credit: Time

This documentary contains invaluable amount of knowledge and not just limited to investing. It does an incredible job on extracting life lessons from Warren Buffett, his family, his peers.

In the opening scene, Warren gives an analogy to a group of school students. He states,

“Imagine you’re going to be given a new car. Any car that you want is yours. It will be at the front of your house with a bow on it when you get home. There’s one catch. That’s the only car you’re ever going to have in your life. Now what you going to do knowing that’s the only car you are going to have in your lifetime and you love that car, you going to take care of it. 

But now I like to suggest that you won’t be getting just one car in your life but you will be getting only one body and one mind and thats all you gonna get. That body and mind feels terrific now, but it has to last your lifetime.”

Warren realised that if was going to live the life he wanted, he needed to get better at communication and public speaking.

He took a public speaking course by Dale Carnegie and values this as one of the best things he’s ever done.

“It worked. It’s the most important degree I have.”

He hangs the course certificate on his wall in his office, rather than his other various degrees.

Watch the entire documentary to learn more about compounding, investing, communicating, balancing, patience, building reputation, giving back to the world and more.

Warren loves the game of life. His love is infectious. It’s clear he does what he loves every day.

“Look for the job you would take if you didn’t need a job.”

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