EdTech, Shifting the Future in Modern Education System of India

The advent of internet has shrunk the entire world into a global village. With everything available digitally, it is very easy for Rakesh from Patna to know the latest research being conducted at Columbia University. Also, PM Narendra Modi’s digitization initiative and even demonetization has paved the way for the growth of digital education medium in the country.

In the past, education system in India was restricted to the archaic simple classrooms with blackboards and quarterly exams to measure the students’ progress. But all that has changed in the past couple of years with the internet boom, at least in cities. Today India ranks second only to China with 348 million internet users which is expected to reach about 555.3 million users by 2021. This exploration of technology has further led to the influx and rise of EdTech companies in India These firms brought the fun back into learning through their innovative concepts and novel teaching methods rather than the parroting method learnt from the rishis in villages or as demanded by most Indian curriculums.

With increase in internet users Edtech has no geographical boundaries

And the availability of low cost and high-speed internet has made it possible for EdTech to reach a wider and vast section of the Indian population. While there are many remote parts in India where students still have to travel for an hour or more to reach their schools/colleges, EdTech has brought classroom into one’s living room. An online classroom is not restricted by location or geography and has removed all boundaries imposed by the traditional education system. In the past when one missed a school/college lecture it was difficult to catch up with the syllabus. But now through online tutoring it is possible to not only catch up with studies but even stay ahead of the game.

Moreover, as the entire nation is shifting towards digitization where people are encouraged to pay their milk vendor through Paytm, learning through technology has become more easy and interactive. Learning through TataSky or online tutors has become simpler in this fast-moving world where everything is so competitive and chaotic. In cities like Delhi where there is a huge traffic problem and going from place to another consumes majority time, an online class helps you save valuable time. With the help of EdTech mediums one can learn from the comfort of their home, rather than spending hours in commute from one location to another.  This precious time can further be used productively to sharpen their skills.

In addition to this, EdTech offers teachers/educational institutions practical and smart ways to evaluate a student’s progress. Rather than waiting for quarterly exam results to know a student’s progress in a subject one can use EdTech tools to monitor their performance daily. It offers you ways to track a student’s performance by going through his scores, classroom attendance, participation and then come up with a plan to work on the weak areas.

Edtech is the future of Indian education

Unlike the limited knowledge offered by boring textbooks, EdTech offers you a plethora of options to learn. This combined with easy availability of smart phones and internet has given students an option to grasp concepts which were earlier learnt through traditional method. Since all students don’t have the same learning capability, one can personalize these EdTech tools accordingly one’s needs. A student can learn through concepts taught by Byjus, Khan Academy or opt for online tutoring provided by GuruQ.

EdTech industry has been widely evolving and serving variety of benefits for the students, parents and to the tutors. When it comes to the private tutoring the safety and quality is becoming the biggest concern and priority for the parents nowadays. Here the new technology is not only providing the different learning experience, but students and parents also have access to reliable and reviewed ‘Certified’ tutors. Especially, the selection of the tutors with just one click are the efforts to make it quick and accessible for the working parents. From managing the daily timetable to accessing students’ progress report all is happening under one roof. Looking it from the tutors’ standpoint now the digital integrated platforms are recognizing tutors’ quality of work and result oriented approach, reach and teach more students, manage time efficiently and be assured of timely payments.

EdTech offers parents and children a stress-free environment to learn subjects and upgrade their knowledge. In a changing world India needs to move towards technology because that is the way forward.

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