Will Artificial Intelligence Knock You Out Of Your Job By 2020?

The author is Country Head, edX India

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming a high-demand field today. KellyOCG India says, “due to increasing adoption of automation, the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning professionals in the country is anticipated to see a 60% growth by 2018.  

Apart from being an attractive option, this field is financially very lucrative. Considering the demand-supply gap, companies offer attractive salary packages for AI professionals. Can you guess what is the average salary of a 2-4 years’ experience AI professional? Well, according to sources, it is around Rs 15-20 lacs per annum. 

So, if you are not learning Artificial Intelligence and it’s many algorithms, then you are surely living in the epoch of the dinosaurs.

What Is AI? 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new gears of human evolution! AI makes it possible for the machines to learn from experience, fine-tune to new inputs and accomplish human-like tasks with zero errors. In AI, by using technologies like deep learning and natural language processing, computers can be trained to complete specific tasks by processing huge amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data.

Growth Of AI In India

AI is the future, countries like U.S., Russia, China, and South Korea have been investing hugely in developing their AI technologies and policy strategies, and India is not behind. Yes, India too is picking up the pace and coming up with equally unique perspectives on the field like their developed counterparts.

AI has undeniable potential in India and our country is rapidly adopting AI and machine learning technologies in different sectors. Also, the AI startup environment in India is reaching new heights. According to Tracxn, a startup tracker, there are around 300 startups in India using some form of AI and from these, 10 standout startups have roughly raised around $50 million towards their AI strategies (Source). Indian startups alone are unfolding waves of different opportunities in the areas of finance, banking, healthcare, e-commerce, agriculture, and e-governance.

Job Cuts Due To Automation

Well, when it comes to the negative impact of AI and automation, there is no debate that these advances will stimulate weighty changes in our world. Automation threatens 69% of the jobs in India, US-based research firm HfS Research says, “by 2022, around 7 lakh workers in the IT and BPO industry in India are likely to lose their jobs to AI and automation”.

AI As A Lucrative Career Option

AI is the field where jobs continue to grow in the future. While most of the common people are concerned about Robots stealing away their jobs, it would be a good idea to think broad and be ready for these revolutionary advancements.

AI is one of the most profitable career options today, there is a high need of AI specialists in almost every field as more and more businesses aim to train computers to think, learn, and adapt. Another fact that cannot be ignored is that there are too few AI engineers available in India, hence, one can take advantage of this demand-supply gap. But again, this career is not for anyone and everyone, one needs to have specialized skill sets for being and surviving in this field.

AI offers exciting career opportunities, Machine Learning Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Automation Engineer, Deep Learning Specialist, Game Programmer, Computer Vision Engineer, 3D Artist, are few to name.

Skills required to pivot successfully in AI 

Working in the field of AI demands an analytical thought process and the ability to resolve problems with cost-effective and efficient solutions. AI experts need technical skills to design, maintain and repair technology and software programs. Those who are interested in becoming AI experts need to meet specific education criterion based on the foundations of maths, logic, technology, and engineering perspectives.

Now that you know AI is one of the most promising career options, why don’t you kick start it right away with edX MicroMasters Credential Programs in Artificial Intelligence? Gain know-how in AI through an innovative online program which covers the most fascinating and compelling topics in this field, Animation and CGI Motion, Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With a scarcity of AI talent in the playing field, it’s a right time to start your rewarding career in this sector and set yourself up for lifelong success. 

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