Getting Help When You Sell Online

No matter the size of your business impeccable customer experience, should be the heart of your business if you wish to be successful.

Among various reasons such as global reach, millions of customers, and a seamless platform to work on, having constant seller support is extremely crucial for the growth of your business. Amazon understands that a smooth selling experience is above everything else and ensures that the sellers are given necessary support so that they can run their business effectively.

So, what are the support channels that you can access when you sell online with Amazon?

On-call support: You can contact Amazon Seller Support via Seller Central to get your issues resolved. If you wish to receive a call from us, click on ‘Get Support’ on seller central and enter your contact details. As soon as you enter your details, our executives will call you in few minutes. Our trained team is available from 9 am to 9 pm to help you with all your doubts. This support is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam.

Learn through online videos and webinars: Video-based learning is an example of a creative and interactive learning, allowing users to explore and learn at their own pace. Amazon’s Seller University program does just that. With a wide variety of online trainings and webinars being conducted on a recurring basis, Seller University makes sure that every major aspect of online selling is well explained. These training sessions and webinars also have a live chat option so that you can clarify your doubts while the training is on.

Seek professional assistance: For all those you do not have the time to manage their business, or simply want a trained expert to help them grow their business on Amazon, can hire third-party assistance from our Service Provider Network professionals (SPN). These professionals can help you with services such as listing/cataloguing, imaging, advertising, account management, etc. Amazon sellers can easily access these services in Seller Central under the ‘Services’ section.

Self-learning through our articles and guides: Amazon has a comprehensive list of articles that help you learn about selling online. With our Start Selling Guide, you can find answers to the most important questions about selling on Amazon. It will help online sellers get acquainted with the process of selling online. You can get all the information on the latest updates and best practices of selling on Amazon with our Seller Blog. For all those who need quick understanding of the new taxation system of GST in India, visit our A to Z GST Guide.

Support on wheels: Amazon sellers have the opportunity to get support-on-wheels via Amazon Tatkal. This program has been started for small and medium businesses to help them with launch services that include registration, cataloguing, imaging, etc. so that they can easily start their business on Amazon Tatkal visits different towns and cities to on-board sellers who are interested in selling on Amazon.

So, if you think these services can help you grow your business on Amazon, think no more, register as a seller today! Also, if you wish to receive more updates about online selling, you can enter your email in the box below.

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