This Cool Startup Found Success on Amazon

India is the land of startup culture – Most youngsters are driven by their desire to do something on their own without having to succumb to corporate pressure. They want to do something different and make money out of it. Pratik Doshi is one such youngster who reinvented a regular old product and made it into a cool startup. He sells designer umbrellas on Amazon under his funky brand Cheeky Chunk.

Pratik hails from the “City of dreams”, Mumbai. Just like most Mumbaikars, he loved the monsoon, but his love for rains did not stop there. Instead of just brushing it off as another season, he saw a business opportunity. During the rains, all he could see was people carrying the drab and boring black umbrellas. His idea was to make umbrellas a fashion accessory more than just a utility for the people and change the way customers look at them.

To realise this dream, he got in touch with his friend who was doing graphic designing course and collaborated with her to create designs that connected people to the rain. The illustrations on the colourful umbrellas included vada pav, tea, bollywood dialogues, music and other such elements that are typical of Indian monsoons. Not only are his umbrellas colourful, they actually reflect the emotional connect people have with the rains.

He faced hiccups initially – from manufacturing to a lack of response in the retail sector to his product. During this time, Pratik listed them on Amazon. He found the whole process of registering and getting started on Amazon very seller-friendly. He hit the jackpot during monsoons, when he sold about 250 umbrellas on a single day. This led to his products becoming the #1 Bestseller on Amazon. His sales increased from 10-15 orders per day initially to about 100-150 products a day during and post-monsoon. As his business grew, he moved his products to Amazon’s warehouse, which also took care of his inventory management, packaging and shipping needs. He now handles his business with relative ease, his annual turnover running into tens of lakhs.

Pratik saw a demand in the market for a niche innovative product and leveraged Amazon to reach his audience which brought him success. Have a business idea already? You can get access to crores of online customers when you sell your product online through Amazon. With an easy onboarding process, and a solid seller support team who will assist you at every step, setting up your online business will be a breeze.

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