What Makes Chatbots a Great Tool for Ecommerce Businesses?


If you love technology and stay updated with what’s happening in that domain, chatbots won’t be a new thing for you. Facebook and Skype are redefining their whole messaging platform around chatbots. I came across Chatbots while play an online flash game called “Chatbot” (because creativity). Since then, I’ve been mesmerized and completely fallen in love with how artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved over time.  It’s so hard to realize that you are not talking to the real person when interacting with a chatbot. Apple’s Siri is also a perfect example of the versatility of chatbots.

Although many perceived the usability of chatbots as a personal assistant, its applicability in the ECommerce sector is also coming out in open. Now when I see how eCommerce businesses have started adopting AI and especially chatbots to simplify the shopping experience of users, I am like, “How cool is that!”

Let’s see what makes chatbots every eCommerce businesses’ handyman.

  1. Guided Navigation:

Instead of searching for your desired item on an eCommerce store, you can simply ask the chatbot to find it for you. Thanks to its constant learning through AI, chatbots can store the customer’s recent information, their buying preference and offer a quicker checkout. And we all know the quicker, the better.

Example: Take Whole Foods Market for example. Their intelligent chatbot simply asks for the dish preference from the customer. As soon as the customer tells the bot what they want to have, the bot gives suggestions and relevant links. By doing so, the visitor doesn’t have to move haphazardly all over the website to find what they are looking for. The bot simply gives the relevant link and customer can directly go to the web page.

  1. Customer Support Chatbots:

For eCommerce businesses with a few customers, having a person handy to talk to them is fair enough. Now imagine eBay or Amazon employing a few people to talk to millions of their customers. And not just that, suppose your clientele extends to other time zones. Chatbots come in really useful to talk to those people. And the best part is that each customer will enjoy a one to one interaction.

Example: If Facebook messenger can book an Uber ride by using a chatbot, eCommerce businesses can also use the same feature on their website too. A customer will only need to type “I want a shirt” and voila, he/she will get to see all the latest design shirts in the result, instead of moving from one page to another.

  1. Easy Order Status Enquiry:

Here’s what we normally do for checking the order status: Click on “my orders”, click on “check order status”, enter the number and then click on the check status button.

But not with chatbots. All you need to do is just tell the chatbot to “check order status for order number <>.” And that’s it. It’s that easy. The idea of technology is to make things simple and easy for people, and chatbots offer immense benefits.

  1. Redressal:

What if the chatbot can also tell a customer how to return a particular product, the return policy, and everything else that revolves around redressal of any form?  That’s what Ecommerce businesses should be focusing on. It saves time, ensures immediate response and eventually, better customer satisfaction.

  1. Simplify FAQs:

If we take the example of ZestMoney, their chatbot simplifies the FAQ process by asking multiple choice questions to the customer. The chatbot asks you what the query is about, and gives you a couple of options to choose from. The sequence of further questions proceeds according to your answers.

This particular method is especially useful for ECommerce businesses. Keeping a simplified line of a questionnaire, the chatbots can provide a precise answer to a customer’s query without wasting time.


With technology evolving with each passing minute, here I am, talking about how eCommerce businesses can benefit from chatbots. And while you are reading this, another visionary would have already integrated a chatbot in his/her ECommerce business. Chatbots aren’t just cool; they are the need of the hour. The sooner you realize this and start implementing this AI marvel, the better it is for your business and for your end users.

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