Ways To Market a Product Online

A wise man once said, without marketing you cannot claim to establish a sustainable business. While we all know setting up a new online business is easy and quick, making sure that customers keep buying from you and just you is not so simple. Of all the challenges that surround online businesses, the most prominent one remains product visibility. Your customers cannot buy from you if they don’t see you enough. So, how do we fix that? The answer is marketing.

If you are wondering how online marketing of your product works, you should know that there is little difference between traditional or offline marketing as compared to online marketing. It’s only a change in the platform. Here are a list of things that you can do to market your product online:

Email Marketing – Make a database of email Ids of customers or prospective customers who have reached out to you in the past. Send them regular updates on new stock, product variations, offers, product quality updates and more. If you don’t have a database of customer email IDs, you can set up your online store on Amazon and benefit from the email marketing done by the marketplace. You can also create a database of customers email addresses of customers who buy from you through Amazon.  

Engaging with your customers through emails enable them to feel connected. When they want to buy the product you sell, you should be the first person to come to their mind and email marketing is a great way to remind them that you will be happy to have them as your customer. It helps build a human connection that most customers seek.

Establish your presence on social media – Set up a Facebook business page, a twitter handle, pinterest account and other channels that deem fit for your product category. Talk about your brand on these social media channels. String a story around why you sell what and connect with people. Once you get a solid customer base, they engage with you, they will remember to buy from you. In fact if you set up an online store on Amazon, you can even promote your Amazon storefront link through your social media channels so your fans can directly make a purchase.

Paid campaigns on social media channels – Most of the times, it’s difficult to get a relevant fan base on social media. If your product is unique and not for everybody, for e.g. Toys. You can try targeted paid marketing for your products. For toys, you might have to target parents within a certain age group and most social media platforms like Facebook help you with a target audience.

Paid search marketing – If you want people to reach your online store directly from a google search but your store doesn’t show up on the search results, try paid search marketing (using a google AdWords account). If you sell online on Amazon, you also have the option of using sponsored products, where you have the option to promote the products you sell with keyword targeted ads (you only pay when you ad is clicked). You have an advantage here, as your ads will only be displayed to online shoppers.

Benefit from the popularity of Amazon – If your store is set up on Amazon, it’s far simpler. Crores of customers regular visit Amazon to shop making Amazon one of the top most visited marketplaces in India. These customers come from various regions, speak different languages and yet have one thing in common, they trust Amazon and buy from it regularly. You can benefit from this huge customer base by setting your store. Even inside Amazon you can choose from a number of internal marketing tools like sponsored products (previously mentioned).

Still have questions about selling online? You can visit the start selling guide to get answers.

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