Start a Small Business at Home Like These Sellers

Businesses in India are not dependent on large shops or storage spaces, or at least not anymore. You read that right, with the advent of online marketplaces, smaller businesses are sprouting across the country with limited budget. Thousands of business owners and sellers are using the empty spaces at their home as a warehouse in order to set up their online stores on global marketplaces like Amazon.

Let us watch the stories of some of these sellers to learn from them the techniques of how to start a business at home.

As a homemaker, Priya continuously disputed the idea of choosing a full time job over spending time with her family. However, she was also driven to make use of her education and the experience she had earned before she was married. With support from her husband and family, she decided to set up a small online business on Amazon by sourcing locally printed and manufactured bedsheets and curtains. She handpicked her selection and stored her inventory in an empty room at her residence in Panipat. Today, as you walk inside her house you can see how efficiently she has managed to stock her products without affecting her family’s day-to-day lifestyle. She continues to successfully run her business from home, which hasn’t remained small. Her products are now being sold globally.

Ranu was a really hardworking and passionate MBA graduate who was eagerly hoping to build her career with the company that offered her a job. However, she was taken aback when she was informed about the delay in her joining date. Before frustration could hit, she decided her time had to be utilized in a better fashion and she decided to explore the idea of online selling. One thing led to another and her small business of selling mobile phone covers on Amazon had soon grown into a full-fledged business that needed expansion.

Abhinav’s mother had once set up a small offline shop out of her sheer passion for quality home furnishing products like bedsheets, curtains and cushion covers. With overhead costs touching the roof and other responsibilities, she had to shelf the idea. Over the next few years, Abhinav had taken up a job and decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He later realized what would be better than bringing back his mother’s business idea, but this time there was a twist. He was careful and well aware of the costs involved in setting up an offline shop so he stocked up the products at his house and sold them through an online store on Amazon.

If these stories inspired you to set up your own online store, however small or large, you can click here to register and set up your small business from home today!

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