Bringing a Higher Degree of Visitors Trust – 8 Ways to Accomplish It

Andrew Davis once said, the foundation of a relationship is purely based on trust and trust is the sole factor of driving revenue. Pretty truth! We can relate the theory to our businesses. I can’t get new gigs until and unless I build a trust with my customers.

I heavily rely on getting leads from my online marketing activities – getting new queries from my organic traffic, through social media marketing, through email data, or through referrals. Not surprising at all, HubSpot revealed in a report that 38% of pre-sales executives found it harder to get a response from their prospects. On top of that, only about 22% of businesses were satisfied with their conversion ratio.

Tony Haile from Chartbeat said that you’ve only 15 seconds to get the attention of your visitors. Online users are not behaving the way we think they are; they don’t read your full post, and explore your in-depth guides. It’s a matter of just 15 seconds or less, you can’t make them read your entire website in this short span of time. To turn things favorable for you; you need to build a trust level.

If you’re running a small business – whether it is a local service provider, an eCommerce store, or a new start-up, building a convincing website is a must but not the only thing to do. You also need to make a paradigm to attract visitors in their first visit to turn them into your customers. And, do you know the secret weapon to do this? – It is their confidence and reliability in you and your website. Your visitors will be very keen to analyze how trustworthy your brand is before taking the decision of purchase.

#1. Convincing Web Copy

The behavior of visitors to resist purchasing something is natural. When a visitor views the sales page on the website, he becomes instantly frozen and defensive. It is your copywriter’s turn to break through this defensive wall, convincing and coaxing the buyer to make a decision.

There’s a proven science of successful copywriting. Following points will make sure you write something exciting for your audience:

•    Identify their pain-area
•    Make then realize that you’ve the ultimate solution for their needs
•    Offer a value-based content
•    Share alluring benefits
•    Solidify your sales-copy with case studies

SITE123 does it really well delivering their message to people. Users who want to build their website can go through all the requirements with the help of FAQ and video guide all at one place.

SITE123 screenshot.png

#2. Optimize Most Important Pages on Your Website

Websites differ from each other based on the type of business and industry they’re serving. Generally, the below four pages are most important and most viewed on every website:

Website’s Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, and Blog.

Your audience (new visitors) would obviously be interested to know the following:

•    Who is behind this company?
•    What is their vision?
•    Is the business they are going to work with legit?
•    Are you serving their geographical location?
•    What have you achieved so far in the business? Any success story?
•    What’s your work process?

Showcase answers to every question (Considering the art of copywriting pointed above under point #1). By optimizing these pages, I do mean with navigating these pages at right place using proper attribution as CTAs. Navigation shouldn’t be random but implemented with a logic approach – your Sales Funnel. Visitors flow is vastly decisive when it comes to conversion optimization. Don’t miss it!

#3. Show Your Identity

I daily browse new blogs. I try to communicate with other bloggers (and micro-influencers) to build a relationship. The purpose of this activity is partially related to my clients work, but most of the times, I can’t figure out the person on the blog. That’s anomalous! In such situations, I leave the blog and move to the next one. Same thing happens to corporate websites.

People like to work with the people with the real identity. This brings a personal touch and helps clients trust you.

Business Achievers Team.png

#4. Show You’re Available for One-on-One Meeting

I can’t say enough about how important showing your contact information is! Both – algorithmically and from users point-of-view. Years ago, Michael Gray researched and wrote in one of the Search Engine Land’s post that including a physical address on your website helps to achieve higher Google rankings. And we clearly know, this is the foremost thing for Local SEO success.

Patrick Coombe did a heat map study last year on approximate 50 local business websites and found that address information was the fourth most seen data on the websites. Sometimes, businesses don’t have the physical store in the area they want to target organically but the option of a virtual office, number and receptionist is always viable there.

#5. Display Your Top Clients/Partners

The previous work history will say louder than anything else – If you have a proven work record, the probability of getting new clients is always high in this case. Presenting your clients’ logos will build a trust that you’ve enough credibility and experience to handle their work.

Another efficacious artefact about this section is that when people realize that you’ve helped a specific business (and that’s incredibly successful), they will want you to do the same thing for them. They would want to replicate the success and that’s where you come together on the board.

Along with Clients, you can also put logos of your partners. This can be an additional authentic metric that proves you’re credible in the industry and have connections with the lead firms.

As Seen On.png

#6. Develop Helpful Content Guides

Conversion is never really swift. Probably, your first-time visitors will rarely make a purchase. You need to educate them and this acts as the conversion assistant. To sell your products, you already own your lead and sales pages. Try to create outstanding guides that will teach visitors about your products, your services, or your online course. You can clearly understand the concept of MOZ’s strategy. They are a software firm selling SEO, PPC and online marketing tools, but their primary source of customer acquisition is their Blog (main blog, YouMOZ, Rand’s blog and their QA section). They’re the best in content production and educating people.

#7. Reviews, Testimonials, and Case Studies

It is one of the proven ways to build trust in your brand – words from your Clients. You can show a number of guys who are ready to provide their reviews and endorse your business. It brings a human element that can break the resistance people generally put up when searching for your kind of vendors.

Viral Marketing Case Study How a Brand New Blog Generated 17 584 Visitors In One Day.png

#8. Other Attributes

There are some minor things which are plain sailing but they can result astounding in your favor:

•    Have you gone HTTPS? Back in 2014, Google has officially announced it as a ranking signal. Google also shows warning for HTTP pages which ask for users’ data (for example in forms). Make sure your web pages are secure including images and every other element.
•    Use real authentic images. Human mind perceives visual information very well and they improve the readability of your content, so invest some of your time into bringing visual creativity on the website.
•    If you’ve covered in big media and news, try to fetch it on Home Page. You can see a section of “As Seen On” or “Featured In” sections on many websites. It commands a lot more trust than testimonials.
•    Make use of right trust seals – Is your business BBB accredited? Is your website VeriSign verified? Is it secured by RapidSSL? Show’em all here.


Building a trust-oriented website requires a lot of cumulative efforts from SEOs, Designers, and Copywriters. Reviews, rich-media, press mentions, and authentic web copy can make your website a success in generating leads.

The most important part is to show the value you can provide to your potential customers. They want to be sure you’ve something that can benefit them and once you build that confidence, you’ll experience skyrocketed conversion ratio.

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