Top 7 Illustration Websites to Get Your Design Inspiration Dose From

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Artwork by lunarcity

The illustration is the art that creates the context of something to attract people towards it. For example, the illustration of a woman’s body on the cover of a magazine creates many contexts. The smiling face will mean she is happy and there is some reason for it why she is happy and the gloomy face means she is unhappy and again there is some reason that has made her unhappy. This context created through graphic illustrations can be used in product designs. The aim is simple to make the viewer curious so that he/she becomes tempted to know about the product.

At Sacred Fig Design we believe that the consistency is very important when it comes to illustrations otherwise it cannot grab the attention.

Here are The Top 7 Illustration Websites to Keep You Motivated And Inspired.

1. Directory of Illustration

The website is a great resource of the best illustrations in the world. You can call it a community of innovative and talented illustrators who share their work inspire the viewers. Their illustrations carry deeply embedded social messages which need creative souls to decode them. In addition, the website has a blog directory that contains the write-ups of some of the great illustrators around the world.

2. IllustrationAge

It contains news stories and articles about the new projects, so it is best suited for corporate news and developments. The website features latest and innovative illustrations to narrate the stories in the graphics.

3. Central Illustration Agency (CIA)

CIA is the platform of some world’s most prolific and influential illustrators. The blog posts of these world’s best illustrators are a great source of inspiration for art lovers.

4. Eat Sleep Draw

It is a stream of illustration submitted by users around the world. It is an open platform which published one curated illustration every one hour. More the blogs on this website feature motivational work of the most talented graphic illustrators.

5. Illustration Friday

The illustration Friday is a website that encourages illustrators to submit their own work. They are assigned a topic and are asked to submit a visual interpretation of the same.  The website releases new topic every week and asks illustrators to work on it. You can also participate in their challenges and take inspiration from the work of others.

6. Today’s Inspiration

It is another big name as far as the popular illustration websites around the world are concerned. The illustrations you come across on this site create an immense impact on your heart and soul. The Today’s Inspiration can be a great resource for those who are interested in pursuing their career in the field of illustration.

7. Illustration Served

One more popular website in the field of illustrations is IllustrationServed where you are able to find the latest, contemporary illustration of the great illustrators around the world. It is a curated site, hence you can expect to view the original work of great illustrators.


The illustrations on the cover page reinforce the theme of the book, novel or magazine. The illustrators use ordinary, everyday situations to create illustrations and spread a message through them. The digitalization has made this art more vibrant and exciting. To keep art lovers inspired and motivated, we came up with the above list of some of the best illustration websites around the world. These websites carry illustrations that create different contexts.

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