6 Essential Tips for Reviving Your Content Marketing Strategy

This column is authored by technology blogger, Vivian Michaels

content marketing strategyMany content marketers are not happy with the results of their efforts. In some cases, their efforts are not generating enough leads and in many cases, their campaigns are not converting as much as they would like. Only 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates

Are you one of those content marketers struggling to achieve leads generation and conversion after investing in a campaign? If you are, I am certain that the problem is with your strategy.

I speak with this level of certainty because I know that Content Marketing works like magic if the strategy is right.

88% of B2B rely on content marketing, according to the report published on Forbes.

Because Content Marketing is known to deliver fantastic results more and more marketers are using different methods such as micro-influencer marketing to get their various contents across to wider audiences.

So, what’s next now that you are aware that you need to review your approach?

The approach I usually recommend to people who wants to reengineer their content marketing is that they need to start with the deconstruction of the definition of the phenomenon. I do this because deconstructing the definition lets us see the basics – the building blocks – of a concept. It helps us to know what we seek to achieve and prescribes how to achieve our objectives.

Does it not make a lot of sense to fix a defective structure by fixing the defective components? I am sure you agree that it makes sense.

The overall of what we are trying to do looks like this:

(1) Break the definition down into the building blocks ➔(2) identify the building blocks (3) identify the sub-strategies ➔(4)measure the metrics ➔(5) fix your content & content creation sub-strategy ➔ (6) fix your content distribution sub-strategy.

See below are 6 ideas that you should employ in order to revive your content marketing strategy:

1. Deconstructing content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing technique, of a strategic nature, that is targeted at the consistent creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and useful content with the intentions of acquiring new leads and cultivating them until they procure our services or products or both.

From this definition, you can derive a formula just like I did!

Can you figure out the formula?

If you attempt to derive a formula for content marketing, from the definition above, you should arrive at something that looks like this:

Content Marketing = Content + Content Creation + Content Distribution

2. Identify the building blocks

The formula above helps you to identify the building blocks which I refer to as the 3 important pillars of Content Marketing. They are Content, Content Creation, and Content Distribution.

It also shows you the objectives that you should be pursuing with your strategy.

Your objectives should basically include:

  1. To constantly attract more and more visitors to your content, products, goods, and services.
  2. To keep improving the percentage of the visitors that you retain. Such that they keep visiting until they patronize you.
  3. To keep increasing your revenue from customers who patronize because of you are always engage them with your content.

3. Identify the sub-strategies

It is a standard practice in strategic management to break a strategy down into smaller chunks.

If you try to break down your content marketing strategy you would end up with 3 sub-strategies. Each is related to the corresponding building block already identified from our formula. They can be identified as:

  • Content strategy
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Content Distribution Strategy

Reviving each of these sub-strategies is a step towards reviving the whole of your content marketing strategy.

4. Measure & manage your metrics

Measure your metrics and track what the problems are.

You can use Google analytics for this.

5. Revive your content & content creation strategy

There is a reason why you keep hearing the cliché “Content is king”.

Check out your metrics and find out what the problems are.

The reason for your strategy not achieving your goals could well be because your readers or visitors do not find your content valuable and engaging enough. In this case, you have to start researching and writing informative and useful articles that focus on the pain-points of your audience. This can help you to engage them better.

It could well be that the content you are putting out do not address what the consumers are looking for. In this case, you have to find out the questions your target customers are asking. Remember that the customer is king. You can do this by checking questions being asked on Quora, Facebook, and other social media forums.

It could be that your posts do not attract sufficient views or visits. You can solve that by implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you increase the organic traffic to your content.

6. Revive your content distribution strategy

When you check your metrics you may just find out that your content distribution is where the problem lies.

You may not be distributing your content widely enough.

In this case, you should look at expanding your coverage by using more channels for distribution. You can decide to use social influencers.

You can consider adding links to your contents in your email signatures.

You can use content Syndication and social media channels to reach more audience and establish yourself as a social media influencer.


Content marketing is a strategic approach to get the attention of consumers and direct them into your sales funnel while making sure that they do not slip through any leaking points or holes in your funnel. Once they get in you must constantly engage them to ensure that they only get out when they have bought your goods or services or both. It does not end there; you have to keep serving them fresh valuable content that will keep them coming back to patronize your products.

All businesses thrive on continuous improvement, therefore no single business should ever be satisfied with the number of leads they have acquired, the rate of lead conversion they have achieved and the revenue they are making.

What this means for the content marketer is that the targets keep changing from time to time.

So, how do you deal with these changing targets?

The answer is obvious!

You have to recognize that reviving your content marketing strategy is an iterative process.

So, here is what you should do every time your targets change:

You repeat steps 4-6 as described above.

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