Plotter: A Tabletop Design Assistant to Build Your Creative Work With Precision

This column is authored by Rishi Kumar, Analyst, Thus & Also

plotterSome people are good at drawing using traditional writing instruments while some flair better with digital ink on touch-enabled devices. If you belongs to latter, then you may be interested in this upcoming desktop gadget, simply called Plotter. Plotter is, well, a plotter. It is like a printer, only more alive in a sense that it plots out your designs and art – with precision – onto papers of all gradients and thickness.

New Delhi-based Thus & Also Technologies, stepped into hardware automation segment. Firm observed that there is a void in the market; an acute need for an error-free design assistant that doodles, sketches and draws anything you want on your command. So, they decided to come up with the Plotter: world’s first design assistant

A young tech and design centric team based out of New Delhi, India is stepping up the design game with Plotter – a smart tool that precisely like its tagline, is designed to design. Vipin MauryaCo-Founder adds, “In this digital age, we agree that getting your work known as a professional creator is relatively easier than the past. But that also means that in the race to create art quickly, we are missing out on the personal touch that is essential for any piece of art of superior quality.”

But that is a problem that Plotter solves from the get-go. It removes all chances of human error, while keeping the personal, human touch intact. Plotter is pretty much your go to device for superior quality designs. Its feature allows you to replace the pen with any writing tool of your choice, and the design can be customised to suit your taste via a simple software that they’ll be launching soon. Currently Plotter is going to list on Kickstarter to crowdfund the prototype and turn it into an everyday office space and household device.


Arup LekhCo-Founder puts it down well. “Just look at the rate in which people share creative works – be it artwork, design, illustrations etc online. Everyone is looking for a creative outlet. And for that to happen, they’ll need a tool and that thinks creatively!”

That’s what the Plotter is set out achieve – to make accurate art affordable, and accessible. Plotter has the ability to take in any art style, type of brush stroke, pen and inking techniques and re-create it on a fresh new canvas.

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