The 4 Pillars of Scalability

This column is authored by Dr. Vivek Bindra, CEO Coach & Motivational Speaker

scalability pillars

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For any organization, sustainability & scalability are important to achieve spiraling growth. For an organization to succeed it has to have 4 pillars of success. These pillars are the individuals consisting of 4 pillars or levels who bring in a sea of change within the organization and work towards the common organizational goals.

Pillar’s are

  1. Action man – They have to work fast towards the organizational goal within a stipulated deadline. They are responsible for Execution on the alignment of strategic maps. They are a focused lot of people driven by Action, ambition, goals, deadlines, targets, achievements.
  2. People Man – He is the one who develops the team spirit with a focus on performance maximization. He is a person who will be driving the action man of the company. If he can build a rapport with his subordinates then he just needs to communicate less to achieve more, but if he fails to do so, then he may communicate 100 things but only a few will be retained.
  3. Process Man – He is focused on achieving scalability for the organization in various processes. He is not directly contributing to the top line, but he is responsible to create the culture & nature of the organization to drive towards the vision of the organization. He develops the frameworks which solve the organizational issues and helps to prepare the smooth working environment.
  4. Idea Man – He is the most important pillar for an organization where he needs to innovate and bring new ideas to the table to make things successful. He is solely responsible for bringing in clarity and energy to the organization. His vision gives direction to the organization.

These pillars have to grow deep to grow steep. The growth in an organization is reliant on two verticals, below the line signifies the roots and above the line signifies fruits. These are basic qualities which need to be developed in the individual before he/she gets on to the next level or the pillar of the organization. Below the line qualities are reflected by the potential and the mindset of the individual which makes up for their belief system. Similarly, when we talk about ‘above the line’ it consists of performance and skill sets of the individual which makes up for the behavior of the individual.

In many organizations/businesses across the world, out of insecurity, the old employees get promoted in the organization as he/she seems to be a reliable resource. However, this employee may be promoted to the next level or pillar due to his/her skill set, but if that person is not having the right mindset then he/she may perform a bit but won’t be able to sustain the required momentum. To increase talent progression one needs to create a pipeline and map the performance & potential matrix.

Lot many CEO’s are failing with startups and established organization just because either there is a helicopter landing where a person from outside is brought in to manage the business where that person is not at all aware of the organizational culture, unable to develop rapport with colleagues, fails to work on the frameworks and after 6 months the CEO seems to be failing and the cost of wrong hiring becomes infinite due to many reasons.

If the organization does not hire from outside, they tend to promote someone from inside, irrespective of their competency and with due course of time, that person also fails to deliver the goods because he/she was not up to the mark when it comes to the mindset of the employee.

CEO’s are not just about strategy, but strategy & execution. Criticality & capability and Potential vs Performance matrix’s have to be created so that right manpower gets into the right role. However, these CEO’s/entrepreneurs always do one basic mistake that to save costs they assume the role of another pillar like assuming the role of Process man and sometimes getting down to the level of action man thus losing focus on the goal with multiple tasks at hand.

The inability to create pillars in an organization to make a business sustainable then scalable is leading to the downfall of startups in India.

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