How to Increase Efficiency In Your Logistics Company using Mobile Technologies

This post is authored by Tasha Bronicka, Content Marketeer, IDAP Group, Ukraine

Information and communication technology has changed our lifestyle beyond all recognition. Today we got such abilities that compared to the life of the last century would be considered magic. Mobility has become one of the main factors of human development. Everybody now has got a full office close at hand on their mobile phones. It takes us less time to talk or text someone, check our mail or send instructions, track the parcel or pay the bill. In the case of logistic company mobility is a crucial condition that makes all other processes possible. No need to stress how complex sometimes these processes are. Human work such as managing a lot of workflow manually or with the help of out-of-date methods is very time-consuming and should be excluded or automatized where possible.

If you are looking for an opportunity to increase the efficiency in your logistics company, you should turn attention towards mobile solutions. Below you will read how mobile technologies can help you to improve the way you manage your business. As the efficiency of any big and complex process depends on how each segment is operating on its own, we have split the article into sections that together form the logistics company.


Do you know why warehouse efficiency is one of the most important strategic goals for logistics company? The answer is simple. If the warehouse is not operating in a proper way, the company is forced to hire additional employees to keep the high service level. Hiring additional employees can result in less profit for the company and still not a perfectly operating warehouse. What is going on in your warehouse? How many packages are waiting to be delivered? How is the workflow organized inside the warehouse? To answer these questions many logistics companies are looking towards the mobile technology that helps to make the warehouse operation transparent and optimized for your needs. With the help of mobile solution a number of unnecessary steps can be eliminated, repetitive tasks automatized and small errors reduced. Here is a list of some features a mobile app for warehouse can include:

  • Get a snapshot or a review of your inventory at any time
  • Mark inventory as shipped, delivered, received
  • History of transfers for a chosen item
  • Create and restore backup copy
  • Track goods
  • Create supply records
  • Import data from Excel
  • Devices’ camera can be used as a built-in barcode scanner

Have a look at these feature list and count how many moves you should make now in order to get some certain information about your inventory or items in stock. With a mobile app, you can have all this information stored in one place.


A perfect delivery apart from other advantages is also a fast delivery. Did you know that the average worker can walk back and forth up to 30 times and more from one station to another in order to print labels or enter delivery details into a computer? A mobile app developed directly meeting your logistics company requirements can be a great solution for several problems at one time. Mobile technology gives your employees instant access to the data from anywhere in the warehouse. The app can include the barcode scanner, create labels and invoices and do it much faster if done manually. This would result in much faster delivery process for your company in general. Another great advantage would be an ability to track the packages during their final destination to customers. These would save both time and nerves of both sides of the process.

Customer service

Excellent customer support is a cornerstone of any market based relationship. Meeting customers’ expectations is fundamental unless you aim to get a reward of the worst business at your field. You can help your business by creating a mobile solution for customers. An ability to track the package, leave the feedback and get a timely response would make a favor your company image. Satisfied needs of your customers are not only a good advertising but also an investment that would result in more customers in future.  

Fleet management

Fleet management includes a wide range of functions you should keep an eye on. Drivers management, fuel management, safety, vehicles, loads and many other aspects. Imagine you can have all this information stored in one place. A software for fleet management is a good choice if you want to keep everything under control. The app helps to accomplish a number of certain tasks related to your company fleet. You can control loads, drivers’ routes, trips details, current vehicle condition etc. The app can be relatively divided into two parts – drivers’ login and management staff. So, that everybody could have an access to that type of information they need.

It is always up to you to decide whether you will choose between building an app covering your needs from scratch of use already existing apps on the market. If the last is the case you can choose among ready-made apps such as EasyStock, Scandit, Inventory Now, Warehouse Inventory and Shipment App, Goods Order Inventory System Pro and many other.

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