Do Your Clients Refer You or Your Firm To Others? Because Most Don’t

This column is authored by Benjamin Clauson, President, Disability Law Marketing, LLC

client referralsThe most valuable asset that you have to increase your future clients is through referrals. Former clients that you already helped through their cases will be able to provide feedback to others looking for similar legal assistance. The majority of clients do not end up referring your firm to others they know. This is a huge market of untapped potential clients. The question then is how to inspire your former clients to recommend you to their friends and family.

There are a few ways to go about inspiring recommendations and referrals. Take a look at the list below for different strategies to increase referrals and clients. By putting these in place, you can greatly help the success of your firm.

Client management through email newsletters

Even after your client’s case is over, it’s important to stay in touch with them. You never know when someone may need additional legal assistance. By staying in touch, you also keep at the forefront of your former clients’ minds. There are a few ways to do this.One of the ways to reach out to current and former clients is by sending a regular email newsletter. This is a great method for disability law marketing or marketing for any kind of law firm. Not only do you want to send a regular email newsletter, you need to produce quality content for those that you send it to.

This content should be written in everyday language and short paragraphs to increase the likelihood that people will read it all the way through. It’s also important that you write concisely and get to the point quickly. Add in video and pictures to make the content more interesting. Keep most legal jargon out of it.

Provide exemplary service to your clients

The first thing that you must do is provide great service to your clients, so that they’ll want to refer you to others. If you do your job well, more former clients will be inspired to refer you to their family and friends. It’s imperative to care about your clients during their case as well as afterwards. Keep in contact with your former clients by reaching out to them for special occasions and birthdays.

Build relationships with your potential and current clients

Relationship building is essential for inspiring referrals. Even before someone becomes an official client, you can begin to build this relationship. Despite being busy with your work, relationships are a must for your kind of business. This will help develop loyalty to your firm instead of these people seeking out others. People will only refer their friends and family to you if they feel like you care about them and their legal needs. If you go above your regular job duties to build this relationship, this will show that you care about your clients themselves instead of just about their money and business.

Ask for referrals

You can ask outright for referrals from your former clients. If you have built a positive relationship with these people and been practicing good client management, you will be more comfortable and better able to ask for referrals in a more conversational manner. People will be turned off if you speak in a more sales-oriented manner, so it’s important to ask more casually. You can do this by telling them that your business relies on referrals and ask if they know of anyone that may need legal advice.

Treat referrals well when you get them

When you do get referrals from your former clients, it’s important to follow up and reach out to these people. Even if you don’t think that they will turn into a client, you need to reach out to them anyway. If you get referrals and don’t follow up with them, your original client won’t give you any more referrals. While referrals may not give you business right away, these people could turn out to be a valuable resource and may give you additional referrals later on as well.

Provide legal and non-legal referrals

Another way to show that you care about your client is by referring them to other businesses as well. If your firm doesn’t specialize in the legal assistance that someone needs, refer this person to another firm that does. This will show that you care more about them than getting the business right away. You can also offer advice for non-legal needs as well.

Offer incentives for referrals

By creating a reward program, you can inspire more people to give you referrals. Sometimes people won’t go out of their way to provide recommendations, but if you motivate them with money, you are more likely to receive more referrals.

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