5 Hacks to Make Fearless Life Changing Decisions

This column is authored by Donna Estrada, Editor, Scoopfed

fearless decisions“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.” This is what Michelle Obama once said.

As a little kid, there are many things that we’re scared of. We’re scared to cross the road. We are afraid of getting near the dark part of our house. Why? Because we still don’t have any idea on what will going to happen if we will take the risk of trying. We are just kids—still inexperienced and naïve.

When we grew up, those fears started to multiply. From having fear of the dark, we are now frightened of the dark side of things. We have a lot of things to be afraid of. We have the fear of not being accepted. Fear of being loathed by other people. Fear ruins everything; it will just change how you will rule your life. Here are ways where you can make a fearless life changing decisions that you never thought you would:

Your intentions must be clear

Why do you think you need to do that? If your intentions are vague, you might get misinterpreted as someone with hidden motives and you don’t want to experience that, right? It’s better to assess yourself first. Life doesn’t have an edit or delete button, you need to be cautious of your actions.

Regret is one of the realities of life that you cannot escape from. Once you have decided to do something, it will be difficult for you to undo your choice. There is no rewind button to redo what we have done in the past. That’s okay. That’s life. You just need to continue moving forward without looking back.

Think of the people who are involved

Whether you keep on insisting that you will be careful with dealing with your choices in life, you will never avoid the situation where your decisions can create a huge impact on others. When you’re deciding about something, you often have series of “what ifs” in mind, right? Are you aware that people close to you are part of those “what ifs”?

A lot of questions are going to pop out while you’re still in the midst of decision process. You’ll end up thinking about the negative reactions that other people might say. You’ll start questioning yourself about the choices you prefer. You know what, you shouldn’t think that way. You can still accept the things that they’re saying as long as those were constructive criticisms. Filter their comments and make it as your drive towards success.

Don’t just follow your gut instincts

There are situations wherein every time we don’t have much time to decide, we use our intuitions as our basis. Is it wrong to follow your gut feeling? There are no particular answers about this but relying on reasoning rather than gut intuition will make a huge difference in your life. Some psychology experts claim that people make more accurate decisions when they disregard intuition and think analytically.

If you’re given enough chances to decide, use that time to think about it with a cognitive perception.
Due to the reason that cognitive perception allows us to organize and understand the world through stimuli that we receive from our different senses, this will able us to comprehend our decisions with analytical thinking.

Conquer your uncertainties

We resist the fact of changing our preferences because of the fear of not being good enough. Decision-making is tough for those people who are afraid to decide for themselves. Maybe because of the second point that was discussed—people who are involved or we’re just anxious about the fact that bad things might happened to us again.

Do you remember when we learned how to solve probabilities in school? It is similar to how we deal on decision making.  A probability tells you how likely something is to occur. It might not give you a guarantee but, more or less, it’s likely to occur. It also depends on how feasible the options you choose. By determining the feasibility, you’ll know if your end goal is achievable or not.

As what Richard Branson said, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity to do something and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later”. It is important to understand that by saying “no” to opportunities, we might reject opportunities that only come once. We often neglect other chances because we’re afraid to take the risk. We also forgot to recognize that taking risks are part of decision making.

Knowing your life’s purpose

At this point of your life, where do you think you are heading? Or the best question for this is why I am here on earth? Is the career path you choose is right for you? This is an important matter to have whenever you’re in the point of being able to distinguish what is truly best for you. Take this example about your job choices:  you received messages from two companies saying that you are already hired. The job offers are both related to your field, what company will you choose?

Your purpose in life will be the answer to your question. Whatever it might be, it still depends on you. Your career path is influenced by how you wanted your future will be. Don’t think of the end results of your decisions; think of what will you going to feel when you already start working.

The decisions and choices of reality are part of our existence as human beings. The choices that we make in our everyday life don’t just change who we are and what we are going to be in the future. It also affects how the people we love work with us without even knowing it. We’ve all got biases — conscious and unconscious — and there’s no getting away from them. These biases influence the way we perceive and take note of the decisions that we are making. The way we handle these life changing decisions still depends on how we deal with life and with others.

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