The Top 10 Cloud Innovation Blogs You Should Read

cloud innovation technologyAn idea can not find a meaningful outcome until it is shared with an appropriate audience. And the medium of blogs have really proven beneficial for sharing one’s ideas, purposefully. It helps in creating a thorough knowledge base across the web. Every expert looks for a medium to share his thoughts with all the kindred people around the world. Once written on a blog, anyone can refer to these ideas and thoughts. The only thing that matters here is the source should be reliable one. Let’s look at ten renowned blogs that talk about cloud and its potential.

1. Cisco Blog

Cisco covers a wide range of ideas about cloud and the benefits from it. The most recent ideas are shared by many experts in the field who write about the ongoing innovations in the field of cloud technology and how the newly introduced services from Cisco can change the contemporary scenario. Ali Amagasu, Amit Sharma and Kip Compton frequently share their ideas related to cloud based innovations. Like in the recent blog post by Kip, he has talked about the cloud strategies and its changing role in enterprises. According to him opting for cloud is not merely about cost cutting but it has become more significant in terms of digitization of a business with an avant-grade transformation.

2. Oracle Cloud Solution Blog

Ever since cloud has come into existence, Oracle has brought in many innovations to tackle the contemporary business needs. Oracle has always been a renowned name among the developers of database technologies and cloud engineering. Through this blog, Oracle shares the most recent updates in the field of cloud and its superimposition with other business propositions. Dori Dimassimo and Yaldah Hakim Rashid are the most celebrated authors on the blog.

In the recent posts on this blog the cloud solutions of enterprise level has been a matter of great interest and their overall influence on the transformation happening around. Like this blog post by Dory Dimassimo suggests that the cloud based solutions bring flexibility despite the present complexities of your business.

3. Cloud Tweaks Blog

CloudTweaks is a very informative blog where many contemporary experts share their views on a common platform under the heading of ‘Thought Leaders’. The pool of writers who write on this blog are extremely knowledgeable and share their ideas with utter focus on the overall involvement of cloud into business and problem-solving. Recent posts on this blog speak about Cloud Security Capabilities and Data Protection. Refer to this blog for all the recent updates in the field of cloud.

4. Microsoft Azure Blog

Microsoft has segregated its cloud-related services under the name of Microsoft Azure and its a place for developers and IT Professionals who work on persistently towards developing application through the global network of data centers. Along with this, they share their ongoing technological developments and innovations through this blog.

People who write on this blog are working professionals at Microsoft and they are directly exposed to the steps that Microsoft is taking in the field of cloud related services. So on these blogs you get first-hand experience of the problem-solving techniques.

In the recent posts the blog talks about the most updated ways to create backup of your data and faster autoscale of your business with cloud strategies.

5. Thoughts on Cloud

You can easily introduce the benefits of cloud into your business if you are well aware its potential and utilities. The introduction of the new technology can be related to business management or communication. In this context, the “Thoughts on Cloud” is a blog from IBM that talks about the innovations happening in the field of cloud. IBM has always been a renowned name in developing enterprise level business solutions.

In this blog, experts from IBM put their thoughts and ideas related to cloud that are based on real life experiences. But their sheer focus remains on the recent technology and its business propositions. In the recent blogs they have talked about the solution that brings business agility and cloud based business solutions from IBM. These cloud related ideas from IBM are of much worth to keep yourself updated with.

6. Hyperscale: A Blog from Ericsson

Ericsson is known for the developing the new technologies in the field of communication and Ericsson has introduced many solutions that have helped in improving the overall productivity happening with the contemporary communication scenario. Every solution that brings agility and efficiency to the contemporary business is an ‘Ericsson way’ of dealing with a problem.

In the most recent posts, it has been talked about the Lessons learned from advanced cloud deployments that suggest the best ways to make a mark in your business with the help of cloud.

7. AWS Blog

Amazon has kept itself in tandem with the most updated technologies in the field of cloud. AWS blog is a platform where they put their innovative ideas about the cloud related business solutions and also how they are using the potential of cloud for their own business across the world. Writers like Jeff Barr, Randall Hunt, Tara Walker have been a part of AWS(Amazon Web Service) for a long time now and they share their thoughts about the progressive innovations through this blog. They also put the details related to the important events and conferences that cover cloud based talks.

Their sheer focus remains on the technicalities of business and they share it with well explained written content. Refer to this blog to understand and implement the real strength of cloud.

8. Google Cloud Platform Blog

If you look at Google just like an another organisation interested in a huge customer base and the dollars then you would find yourself totally wrong in this stake if you read this blog.

Google has opted for cloud but their innovations and steps that they are taking towards a greener earth are quite commendable and are shared through this blog.

In the recent posts they have mainly mentioned about their new technologies such as Google Cloud IOT Core and Google cloud spanner. Read this blog to understand the complex innovation of Google in simple terms.

9. New World Blog

Tata has a legacy in the Indian market and it has proved its potential in the field of software solutions overseas as well. This blog is from Tata Communications and it talks about the new things happening in the field of communication. The product and solutions cover the needs of not just Indian customers but also of the global ones. The blog posts talk about the market driven solutions from Tata in the field of communication.

Innovation is the theme of this blog but the content keeps the contemporary business scenario and customer behaviour in its orbit. Like in the recent blog post, the involvement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in contact centers has been discussed. The market and its orientation in the global format remains a theme of most of the content from the experts.

10. Cloud Chronicles

Cloud Chronicles is a blog from NetworkWorld from IDG and is a place to share the latest updates happening in the field of cloud. These ideas are shared by the senior editor Brandon Butler who covers cloud computing industry by focusing on its utilities and deployments for the end user.

In the recent posts he has discussed about ways Google and Amazon are dealing with the data overload.

The above mentioned blogs cover the innovations in the field of cloud and add new perspectives, frequently. If you want to get your business benefited from cloud then first you will have to understand its capabilities leading to the fact where exactly it works best for your business.     

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