How Will Augmented Reality Transform These 5 Industries?

This column is authored by Jyoti Bharwani, Content Manager at Space-O Technologies

Augmented Reality

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This content gives an in-depth information about Augmented Reality and its benefits. You can also know how this high-end technology will transform Retail, Education, Travel, Healthcare, and Real Estate industries in near future.

From the past two to three years, you may have come across with the term Augmented Reality quite often.

You must be thinking that what this technology is all about and how it will benefit and transform different industries.

Well, Augmented Reality (AR) is an integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. This high-end technology makes use of the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.


It will also improve the real world with media and digital information such as images, 3D models, and videos, overlapping in real-time the camera view of your connected glasses, tablet, and smartphone.

Even, the world’s Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) market is going to expand exponentially over the next four years with their annual growth rate more than doubling, as per the industry tracker report.

Yonhap news agency quoted Internal Data Corporation (IDC) as saying that the worldwide market of AR-VR will reach $215 billion by 2021 as compared to $11.4 billion for 2017. While the composite annual growth rate is likely to reach 113.2 % with the market expanding 18.9 times over the next four years.

In addition to this, IDC also said that the initially AR-VR investment and the application will be led by consumers, the retail and distribution industry and the manufacturing sector, adding other sectors like government service, transportation and education will benefit from both these technologies.

But do you know how Augmented Reality impact on various industries? Do you what type of benefits it gives to businesses of these industries?

Let’s have a detail look at the 5 industries that will be revolutionized by Augmented Reality

Gradually, the people are becoming more familiar with the uses of Augmented Reality as various social media companies like Snapchat, Facebook, etc. are utilizing the features of this interactive technology to make their applications more powerful.

Today, people are infatuated with this technology because it gives real-life experiences to them. If it is used correctly, various industries of the market can benefit from it. Read on to see which industries are exploring Augmented Reality:

Education – Giving a New Level to Learning

When it comes to talking about the education industry, augmented reality overlays engaging 3D models on text to make learning more immersive. It will be a lot easier to teach students about lab safety by showing information on how they can use different equipment’s safely without any accidents.

At the time of giving training and interacting with deaf children, Augmented reality will give video overlay for words, allowing them to understand how to write a word. Moreover, students can also get real-time instruction from their professors and teachers with AR’s video overlay.

Recently, The Cleveland and Clinic partnered with Microsoft to develop augmented reality program that medical students can make use of learning about patient care. With AR, students can interact with three-dimensional representations of the body.

Retail & Marketing – Increase Sales By Tempting Product Catalog

Augmented Reality is helping a lot of marketers and sales professionals in capturing customer preferences and selections. Using this new and advanced technology, sales representatives can showcase their products in a highly realistic manner directly in the customer’s’ environment.

You can also share product catalogues that are a lot easier than before and one can also get the access to up-to-date information. Moreover, if the CRM system is integrated with AR on the Android, iPad, and iPhone devices, product specifications and design can be easily synchronized directly to the account.

Also, AR-based assisted field service the technician to maintain machinery, equipment, and other products with smart glasses, which frees up the operator’s hand to make use as required. Apart from this, AR devices come with a user interface comprising speech and gesture or touch screen that equips the field service engineers to work wonderfully.

In case, if the field technician wanted to get feedback and interact with an expert, AR-based field service system integrated with video conferencing and collaboration tools can wonderfully help.

HealthCare – AR Will Improve Patient Diagnosis and Treat Efficiently

Talking about Augmented Reality in pharma and healthcare industry, it is helping in saving lots of lives; however, it will also support healthcare organizations in making their earlier processes more accurate and effectual.

Even, there are lots of researchers, who have already adopted this high-end technology to help doctors to perform surgeries more efficiently. Also, it will help in viewing workout related data for enhancing fitness, teaching difficult subjects to medical students with visual examples.

There are numerous AR applications in the medical industries that are helping doctors in their daily process. Let’s take an example, AccuVein is a handheld scanner, which projects an image of the skin of the veins, valves and bifurcations underneath to allow doctors and nurses to find a vein for an injection.

It is saving a huge time and eliminate discomfort for the patient. There is one more example – Vijpar that is a video support platform, allowing a surgeon in one location, project hands onto the display of another surgeon’s Google Glass during a surgery to guide.


In the near future, the travel and tourism industry can see a huge change as there will be many new Augmented Reality based applications available that will help tourist to get directions and routes to his desirable destinations, translate the signs on the boards and provide detail information about any destination or location.

It simply means that by adding the layer of AR technology in a mobile travel application, it is possible to provide a completely new cultural experience to users. Google’s augmented reality app Wordlens is also a wonderful option that allows users to aim their smartphones at signs and automatically translate them, directly on the sign that could be useful for international business travellers.

Real Estate

Augmented Reality is the superimposition of computer-generated images on existing environments to make them more interactive. It is used in the form of apps for real estate industry. This technology is poised to be a game changer for the real industry in India.

It enables prospective home buyers to view properties as finished products even when they are under construction through 360-degree, 3-D videos. Considered as one of the biggest things, in reality, AR currently has the highest demand in the technology-driven city of Bengaluru when it compared to other cities in India.

Using this technology, real estate companies that have projects with construction in progress can give a right idea of what the homes will look like when they will be ready. Moreover, with a just single click, clients can visualize changes to a property by changing the color of a wall or by adding some kinds of furniture using AR app perspective.

For an example, one company named “Spacious” that is based in Hong Kong has taken benefit of a local superstition in which locals do not like to occupy properties in which murders have taken place. Today, these properties are listed for significantly less.


With a comprehensive range of benefits, these five industries will be transformed completely by Augmented Reality. There is no doubt that Augmented Reality is the most powerful technology and it will allow early adopters an unparalleled advantage. Even there are lots of augmented reality companies that have already developed various applications that based on Augmented Reality.

If you are belonging to any of these above-mentioned industries and want to have your own AR-based app that changes your business, you can discuss your requirements with any professional augmented reality app development company. You can know how this advanced technology can help your business to grow.

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