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Augmented Reality: Impact of the Revolutionary Tech in the Field of eCommerce

This column is authored by Ronak Meghani, Co-Founder, Magneto IT Solutions

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When we talk about the year 2016, it was definitely a year of revolution when platforms like virtual reality added quality and authenticity to the major digital platform through updated technology. Whether we talk about social media platform or our favorite “Google” likes; last year has definitely turned the pages of history to a change which seemed impossible in the pivotal years before.

But talking about virtual reality, how we can miss out talking about the technology which is beating each record and tools into a digital world where one can live in reality. Yes, I am talking about augmented reality. AR is already ruling the world of gaming and entertainment, but what if we can superimpose the same technology in the world of eCommerce? Yes, you heard it right! How about living the dream of traditional shopping on the digital platform?

One can imagine AR technology as a mode of satisfaction and testify if the products that you choose from the e-commerce site is actually going to look nicer in your house or not. What I am trying to say here is that AR has ruled the gaming world, but it can work out perfectly to redefine and upgrade the shopping experience of users through online portals. Let’s talk about the benefits of the same.

How can augmented reality revolutionise the experience of eCommerce Shopping?

  • Nothing less than a retail outlet!

With the technology like augmented reality, shoppers can actually enjoy the in-store shopping experience, no matter where it is located! With the help of 3-dimensions view imposed by devices, shoppers can experience the interactive form of digital dimensions where they can realize whether the product is best suited for them or not.

Consider furniture, for an instance. With the help of AR, shoppers can realize whether the online furniture will perfectly go with the interiors of their house or not. The AR technology will help them in visualizing that piece of furniture to the appropriate interior of their choice.

  • Customization at its best

With the help of AR technology, shoppers can experience best time shopping online with customized choices. There are various retailers with eCommerce platforms that help in delivering custom made results for their shoppers. Considering clothes for an instance, shoppers can customize their experience as per the size, style, and preference in clothing.

Such a customization results in a better experience for the shoppers. In this manner, retailers end up building strong relationships with end users. Shoppers are dying to experience such a digital customization, and if you can succeed to offer the same; well they are all yours!

  • Virtual experience

Shoppers who prefer online shopping also look for an experience where they can try on outfits before they could even decide on purchasing the same. And such an experience must not involve any shipping charges of the products. And what can be better than AR experience for such customers? Digital clothing helps the shoppers with the better decision on which color will suit them for a particular event.

As a matter of fact, shoppers are more attracted to those platforms to offers such an experience as it helps in easy and simpler decision on shopping.

  • The experience is useful

Many users often land on to eCommerce platform just to browse the selection of clothes or furniture. They do not intend to buy the same. But when you offer them an experience like AR technology, they might change their mindset to actually purchasing a product from eCommerce platform.

A unique take on AR technology is in fact, pretty helpful for many retailers too. Then why not eCommerce platform! Such an experiment helps in converting the potential customers to actually customers at the end. Whether it’s lipstick or a carry bag, if you show your users on how it will look on you, you might just help them in purchasing the same!

Just a good quality of product these days is not enough to attract customers. What you really require is a sense of latest technology which can help in building better marketing and sales strategy that will help eCommerce platform with actual revenues.

Though the technology is increasing, the same is true for competition in eCommerce. There are various platforms from digital to traditional, but convincing the customer to shop from your end is a challenge. Introducing augmented reality with magneto website development will help in developing a better technological use for the customers. Your products and technology must be appreciated by the shoppers, and hence one cannot just throw an arrow in the air. One must throw the arrow to a pointer which reflects maximum revenues in the eCommerce industry.

And well, that arrow must be your strategies and the wall must be augmented reality. Such a platform will result in an appreciated value in the industry where customers will feel definitely end up buying their choice from your platform!

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