Seven Brand Management Rituals You Must Observe

This column is authored by Sirisha Paladhi, Brand Marketer, Appmajix

Brand management rituals

Brands can give consumers a simple, fun framework for engaging with familiar things. With many brands available in the market, it involves a greater challenge to get consumers interact with your brand in the present day.

What is a Brand Ritual?

A Brand Management ritual is nothing but making a brand better. It is the shared experience of how people enjoy your brand. It includes a set of actions that customers value in improving your brand experience.

Associating a brand story with a set of rituals carries a perfect sense of identity and loyalty. It binds people to an authority or devotion towards your product. So, creating rituals is an essence of building a brand.

A Brand Management ritual solely depends on the behavior of the consumer. It involves a frequent update of user interests with latest technologies and experience with the brand. Below are the key seven Brand Management rituals you must follow to engage the audience with your brand constantly.

1. Consumption of Brand by People

Ritual is no longer constructed by brands, but by consumers itself. Survey how your consumers take your brand. Conclude at the habitual actions of users that add value to your brand ritual. Find out what people are looking out for making your brand taste better.

If there is something loved by the most, then the first step towards your brand ritual routine is found. Hurray!

If you find a behavior being loved by the majority of consumers, promote the same among the other customers. Never know, they might like it even more.

2. Keep it Simple

If you want people to adopt your brand, keep it simple and apt. Your ritual must be relevant to your product or service and must add value to the already existing behavior of customers. To simplify it, think from the viewpoint of customers, how they react to your brand instead of forcing them to adopt new behavioral action. It is all about taking a simple act and making it reach out more customers. They make interaction with the brand fun, which in turn leaves greater value.

3. Way to Add Value

Adding value is the most important ritual of the brand. Estimate the customer behavior when evaluating the value.

Sense of Community – People must feel they are the part of something bigger than themselves. Create a sense of community and exclusivity. Customer communities and Exclusive groups are one among them. Make users part of your larger community network. This sense of one, eventually adds value to your brand.

Overall Brand Experience – Make things easier for processing orders on the business end. Observe how people experience your brand from start to finish and figure any adjustments to be made.

Uniqueness – Make sure your brand rituals are unique from your competitor brands. Compare your brand behavior that is different from other competitors and how they can be adjusted to increase your brand image. This way your brand will have ensured and happy customers under its closet.

Emotional Response – Everybody wants their customers to associate with their brand happily and leave as satisfied consumers. Hence it is a smart technique to encourage this feeling. If this action leaves satisfied customers, then this promising consumer behavior can be transformed into a ritual.

4. Price Point

Generally, brand rituals are marketed by low-cost brands and not by luxury products.

Brand ritual not only improve the perceived experience, it certainly adds to the price point. Consumers come forward to buy something which obeys certain famous ritual, not thinking a second about its price.

5. Making it Shareable

In order to follow it, a ritual must be visible, accessible and understandable. This action must be performed in public replicating their interest and feel. Make ritual accessible for the right people to build a community around. If you can make a certain behavior go viral, you can attract long-term loyal customers to your brand. Encouraging this behavior consistently add more to the already powerful branding. Remember that the action must be highly shareable to deliver skyrocketing brand awareness in addition to loyalty.

6. Perform the ritual

Brand rituals are more valuable to consumers as well as brands. Branding adds meaningful value to customer insight. Adding an element of fun adds character to the brand.

Demonstrate how users must interact with your product by performing the ritual as a part of marketing. Seeing the process will make it easier for consumers to enact the ritual. Let people know how it feels like performing a brand ritual.

7. Sight of Brand

Even after framing the good strategies in promoting the brand ritual, if you lose the sight of the brand, everything goes in vain. So make sure you don’t lose the sight of your brand logo and the connection it represents with the existing customers. It depicts the way consumers remember you.

To Wrap it up…

Brand rituals evoke a strong response from consumers. Once you are aware of the perfect brand ritual, aware customers about it. All these marketing efforts must reflect the way you want your customers to behave. If you follow the steps above, reaching your brand management ritual is no tougher.

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