5 Noteworthy Sales CRM Softwares for Startups

This column is authored by Robin Singh, Technical Support Executive, ProProfs

sales crmInvesting in startups has become popular as they offer a lucrative opportunity for the investors to earn money quickly. Having said that, these companies achieve a high rate of growth in a short time span, which makes it necessary to implement as many software tools as possible, to precisely measure performance and make some tweaks to improve it.

Like regular businesses, startups aim to grow at a realistic rate, but are under more pressure because investors want the company to become profitable within a given timeframe. One of the tools that is crucial for turning this into a reality is the use of a CRM software. As the customers count grows, a startup sales team needs to start collecting data and checking what kind of approach works best for the company. This is why every startup should consider using the following sales CRM software tools.

1. SalesFlare

This CRM tool brings a lot of automation, with customers coming from various different marketing channels. The software automatically generates all the customers you receive, no matter where they are coming from. Logging meetings and phone calls are also automated, as the platform syncs with the calendar on your smartphone.

Another great feature includes tracking the behavior of your customers, which allows you to see which methods bring the best results. This platform also tracks important email, website and link metrics.

SalesFlare is also great for team collaboration as members of the sales team can work together to form a huge contact base that can be shared among all of them. All of the communication between your sales team and customers, no matter which communication channel it comes from, is logged into customer documentation and is later made accessible to other team members.

Another important fact is that the platform was built to integrate well with over 400 other apps and software products, making it flexible.

2. Fusioo

Fusioo is a great CRM tool but it is quite different as compared to the competitors as it comes with inbuilt project management software. The tool combines useful CRM and project management features, which makes it key for all startups to consider.

The platform supports the management of various types of tasks, which will both make your sales team more efficient and greatly improve the workflow of the whole company. Also, it puts a lot of efforts into channeling all of the notifications into a unified space, where team members can work together on resolving any issues that arise.

If you are running on a tight budget, opting for this software tool will give you more value as it encompasses project management features.

3. SalesForce

This company has been in the market for almost two decades now and its software comes with an abundance of flexible features. As there is an extremely experienced team behind this product, you can expect great service quality. The platform offers numerous types of packages for different types of customers.

When it comes to pricing, there are some cheaper bundles available, but all the experience behind the team and their true skill really come to light in the more expensive offerings, which makes them a good long-term investment.

However, with plenty of options available, you will be easily able to decide which software tool would be most suitable for their needs.

4. Nimble

Nimble is a specialized platform that comes with the right set of tools necessary for establishing great customer relationships. The key four features include the following:

● Relationship management – A feature like this focuses on establishing great communication with your clients on different channels. You can monitor all of the contacts made, making the process automatic and less stressful for your sales team.

● Sales and marketing – This feature includes various analytics related to email marketing tracking, where data about marketing efficiency is gathered.

Social business insights – This tool is great for reaching prospects in social media networks. The software collects important information about people, which is valuable for finding those who you should reach out to.

Work smarter everywhere – Nimble is supported on multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones. Your sales team can work remotely, which is very important for companies that decide to outsource some processes.

With all these features, this software tool is very useful for businesses of all sizes including the startups.

5. CapsuleCRM

Capsule is an effective CRM software that is aimed at improving the effectiveness of your sales team. One of the feature that is quite useful for companies is integration with other software tools such as Google Apps, Freshbooks and many other SaaS tools. This is extremely important for growing teams who need to collaborate effectively for the most optimal results.

CapsuleCRM also comes with a set of useful features such as the sales pipeline, where all the necessary data about sales and communication is collected. Additionally, there is an iOS and Android application, which ensures seamless workflow on different types of devices.


These are the best CRM tools which you can rely on in 2017. Each of them is crucial for establishing a great sales funnel and helping your team become much more efficient. The most important feature that you should focus upon is integration.

For example, using a good CRM tool offers several benefits but without integrating it with a live chat software it isn’t effective. In the recent times, live chat software has gained popularity as a viable channel of communication.

Therefore, make sure that your CRM software of choice can be integrated with other software tools you are already using. The more integrations are supported, the better, as your team will look forward to all the offered flexibility.

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