Identify Customers Before You Start Creating a Brand

This column is authored by Rachelle Gomez, Owner, Honest Pixels

brand colours audienceBefore starting on the visual aspect of your brand, you need to identify what your customer needs/wants and why. Identifying customers first gives you a better idea of who to target and what motivates them to buy products and services.

Creating customer profiles (also known as User Personas) give a clear picture of the customer’s expectations and how they’re likely to use your products and services.

What to include in Customer Profile

  • Demographics: Age, occupation, work experience, marital status, income, education.
  • Psychographics: Attitude, values, hobbies, opinions, purchasing process, tech-savvy
  • Behavioural: News sources, personality, habits/skills, likes/dislikes
  • Goals: Personal and Work related

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” ― Seth Godin

Effective customer profiles:

  • Represent major customers using your products & services
  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Focus on major needs and expectations
  • Help in prioritizing features and functionality
  • Describe real people with backgrounds, goals, and values
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It is much easier to attract more customers when you actually know about your current customers and traits of the ideal customer you’d like to target. Having a clear picture of who your customers are is one of the simple ways to have a competitive advantage.

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