5 Habits of People With High Emotional Intelligence

high emotional intelligence

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In a world where critical intelligence (IQ) is growing at an expeditious rate, the emotional intelligence of a person is rusting at the back burner. While it is true that emotional intelligence is a fairly new concept, it has come to hold solid resonance with today’s ever changing world. For critical intelligence can be simulated(courtesy to artificial intelligence), emotional intelligence still remains exclusive to human beings. Many successful business leaders have spoken about the importance of having a high EQ in their professional and personal life. As human beings, we are essentially social creatures, and our social lives play a big part in shaping our personality. In addition to that, the way we perceive the world, and the way we see ourselves is crucial. All these elements come together to shape the emotional quotient of a human being.

Emotional Intelligence is an acquired trait. It comes with practice, discipline, and efforts. It is not inherent to one human being and devoid to another. If a person works towards achieving emotional intelligence, he very well can. And, once he does, it is only a matter of time before he reaps the fruits of a high EQ; Fruits that have proved delicious and healthy for many a successful leader across the globe.

There are certain similarities in habits of emotionally intelligent people that you can learn from and incorporate in your behavior to become an emotionally intelligent person.

They practice self-awareness

This is, perhaps, the one behavioral aspect of emotionally intelligent people that shapes their entire personality. Not enough can be said about the importance of self-awareness in this largely superficial, shallow and ignorant world. Self-awareness brings in a degree of depth to a person’s psyche, makes them one with their thoughts and emotions and provides a perspective to one’s self. Self-awareness is simple; being aware of one’s self. Although, it is easier said than done. Being self-aware requires a lot of discipline and practice. You have to be constantly aware of your thoughts and actions. Once you become self-aware, you will get an objective perspective to your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and you will be in a better place to control them. Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware at all times. This makes them more in control of their thoughts and emotions, and finally actions. This is the reason why you will rarely see an emotionally intelligent person lose control even in vulnerable situations because once you start to become aware of what you are feeling and why you are feeling it, you get a clear perspective on the situation and come in a better position to make the right decision.

They look forward

One of the major reasons why a person’s overall growth is hampered is because they look backward instead of forward. This is not the case with emotionally intelligent people. They are pleasant and forward looking at all times. You will rarely see them wallowing in self-pity, or racking their brains out for something that has already happened. They are solution-driven, and for them, failure is nothing more than a learning curve. The fact that they are driven by future and solutions, not the past and problems is the reason they are almost always positive, and radiate positive energies wherever they go.

They have a balanced life

Emotionally intelligent people know how to balance the weighing scale of life. When they are working, that’s all that they do. When they’re not working, they do not even think of work. This is the reason why you will find the perfect work-life balance in highly emotionally intelligent people. This is because they know how to create a decent bridge between the two- and they do it well.

They always focus on the positive

Well, we all know the kind of people who always find a silver lining in the most downtrodden of situations. These are the emotionally intelligent kinds. People with high EQ develop a knack for positivity and focus only on the positives of any given situation. While some other person can find the same situation as the worst place to be, emotionally intelligent people will still pick out the positives. With enough practice and discipline, they change the wiring of their brain. How intelligent is that!

They know how to have fun

The last but definitely not the least – emotionally intelligent people know how to party. This does not mean they go out for clubbing every now and then. It means that emotionally intelligent people know how to create a fun-filled atmosphere anywhere they go; be it their workspace, their home, or anywhere else. The fact that they radiate so much of positive energies, they are the most fun people to be around. This helps them socialize, and create meaningful relationships.


Well, you get the picture. Emotionally intelligent people are the most fun, the most positive, and the most motivating people to be around. No wonder they make such successful people in their lives. Incorporate their lifestyle habits in your day-to-day life and kick start your journey on the road to success.

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