5 Tips to Enhance Your Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy

This column is authored by Ray Parker, Digital Marketer, Iqvis

Enterprise Mobility ManagementThe mobile workforce is expected to upsurge to 1.87 billion people in 2022, all around the world. This represents 42.5% of the whole workforce, globally. As the conventional workforce transforms into a mobile workforce, companies are focusing on the techniques to make this process smooth.

Companies are increasingly investing in enterprise mobility platforms in order to accomplish this objective. EMM solutions empower companies to quickly progress their mobile device control via improved security and formalized use strategies. This all simplifies the task of IT management.

With the evolution in Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions (EMM), businesses are working on their device management strategies to influence the reimbursements of this mobile environment by controlling the risks of data loss, security breaches and the increased costs concomitant with device management.

Here are five ways through which you can enhance your enterprise mobility management strategy.

  1. Set device restriction based on security needs

Security constraints are always dominant and this does not upset employees if they understand the reason behind this. On the contrary, the same employees will not be happy if you put restrictions on social networking sites, personal email ids, and other possible diversions.

This becomes more important when you have a Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD). This is because; one of the prominent benefits of BYOD is that your employee is able to work from both personal and business tools. This leads to increased efficiency in the work process.

  1. Change company’s culture to mobile transformation

EMM probably provide essential support and governance to employee devices. However, it is only part of the technique for kick starting innovation and mobile transformation within an organization. Employees must have a proper understanding that better and enhanced mobility is develop to elevate device security, worker productivity and the consumer experience.

  1. Contemplate the cost of containers carefully

This is one of the most famous strategies to protect sensitive data saved in user’s device and decreases the risk of other security breaches and malware.

Containers put so much burden on IT departments when it comes to maintaining and monitoring everything. Those in favor of containers argue that they are necessary to protect a company from disasters and this may be true in some cases.

All IT companies have to decide if the digital threats they are facing are worth difficult user experience which comes with containerization.

  1. Upkeep security via amalgamated platform

Integrated platforms streamline the procedure of handling diverse technologies by means of various operating systems, rationalization the demands on IT to handle the complete enterprise environment.

By using this combined platform, businesses can discourse probable security gaps that would then be wide-open every time a new touch point was added to the Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions Environment.

  1. Leverage the cloud

By the end of 2017, investment in cloud infrastructure is expected to increase, whereas non-cloud deployment might experience a significant decrease, as per the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker. A mishmash of private and public clouds is being utilized for everything from storing data to hosting applications.

Cloud can be used as a solution for housing some services and very sensitive data that should not be kept that is not safe to be kept on employee devices. Cloud solutions offer the flexibility to support an existing EMM strategy without burdening IT.

As the form of enterprise device environments vicissitudes quickly over the next few years, cloud-based IT solutions offer superior agility to meet changing demands.


Indiscreet devices are intimidations to the complete enterprise. IT has no choice but to cope up with these devices to reduce prospective threats. As EMM progresses, you should look out for new solutions and strategic shifts that reinforce your mobile management without obliging your day-to-day operations.

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