7 Ways To Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out

This column is authored by Dmytro Spilka, Founder & Head Wizard at Solvid

email marketingMarketing is the foremost tool for endorsing any brand. Whether you are backing your business or trying to make it reach your consumers, in today’s era, email marketing is considered as the most efficient and convenient technique to contact people. But when one busy day a person opens his/her inbox and encounters a good number of marketing emails, it frustrates him/her to the core. The reason behind is that those emails are rather irrelevant or didn’t have any exciting content to read. The consequence of which, they go directly to the trash, sometimes without being opened.

Therefore it’s high time to make your email marketing strategy unique and one of its kind. Whatever you want to communicate must reach up to the customer and for this, the content should be exciting enough to ponder upon. It should be relevant, generate interest and must simply be a valuable piece of information that fulfils your motto behind sending the email. Let’s take an insight as to how to create an email campaign to generate better traffic to your website and increase conversions.

1. Make sure your words are catchy

It’s a fact that appealing content compels the customer to read till the end. Wisely chosen words while crafting the mail drag people to approach it faster. Simple and sober wins the heart, therefore, it is not necessary to inculcate complex words and long sentences. Trying to keep them short and straightforward can achieve the required result behind sending the email. With easily understandable sentences and effortlessly comprehensible vocabulary, there remains no hassle for the reader to get what you want to convey.

2.  Time to send the emails

Think yourself as the customer and decide whether you’ll open any marketing emails at the peak working hours or when you are off-duty? Obviously, when we have goals to achieve in a day and have pending work to complete, emails, in general, seem as irrelevant and time-consuming as they can possibly get. This is the primary reason why sending them during off-peak hours endow better results. In fact, open rates are found to be higher during the weekends. When a person has ample of time to ponder upon random things, marketing emails seems reasonable enough to read.

3. Make the content engaging

An engaging content can be made up by including easily answerable questions. Try put a short, 2-3 line story or even end the text by asking questions and giving a specific call to action. This compels the reader to open the links you have provided in the email and look out for the possibilities in it to get the answers. An engaging content doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make an extra effort in creating unrelated stories. Instead, you can give your eyes a break with alluring and subject related visuals in between the text.

4. Stand in the shoes of the reader

Before creating the email, figure out from the reader’s point of view whether it’s appealing or not. The more attractive the subject is, the more chances it has to get read. No matter how creative you are, if your voice is not reaching up to the customer, your work is futile. The subject is the first thing that a customer will read. Try making it easy to comprehend and logical enough to understand. The more complex the network of words is, the less likely it will ever get read.

5. Your signature says a lot

Haven’t given a thought to it? Well, now you must give heed to the signature you are providing to your readers. Signature is often overlooked, but it could be one of the most powerful ways of attracting the customer to your brand. Signatures are quite influential in adding credibility. If you add any colourful image, link or a YouTube video of the brand you are endorsing, it would certainly act like a cherry on top of the cake. A creative signature elevates the curiosity among the readers for the brand. The more interesting the signature is, the more it will sell the brand.

6. A P.S at the end, a customer by your end

Didn’t get it? Well, whether you believe it or not, readers have eagle eyes. If they somehow find the subject interesting and open the email, they look out for the options that can give them a quick glance over the entire content. While colourful images and video links grab the eyes, a P.S by the end makes the things even simpler and hassle-free. Often taken too lightly by the content creator, sometimes it’s just the P.S that is being read. The additional perk of P.S is that it can be altered to fix any content. Believe it or not, it is the second highest thing read by the reader after the subject. Therefore, try inculcating it with an interesting message. 

7.  Email tracking software

This is the world of technological hike and advancement. While emails are considered as the most convenient form of communication for marketing, the use of the software is the most convenient form to make the process much simpler and efficient. Numerous tools have been developed to help track and analyse the effectiveness of your email marketing. Once you get the know-how as to which of your emails get opened more, the more accurately you can plan your strategy further.

So, next time you are planning to draft an email marketing campaign, keep these points handy. A little effort while crafting the email can drag tremendous visitors and give your business a desirable hike. It’s big time to force out your creativity and give a boost to your marketing skill.

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