We Are Making Education ‘Funducation’ at DIGICHAMPS

This column is authored by Gourav Rath, Head- PR and Media at DIGICHAMPS

Team DigiChamps


We are DIGICHAMPS an EdTech startup based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. DIGICHAMPS was conceptualised in the first quarter of 2016, it aims at creating an online schooling experience for the students around the world. Ideally, we believes that we can take schools online. We currently focus on the creation of unique contents in the form of video that is ‘pre-recorded classroom teachings’. In short, this becomes a perfect amalgamation of teachers and animation. In all the contents that we develop, the research team sits down for hours to work down the crux of each and every concept and how we can relate it to the real life scenarios.

What we are doing

What better than having a year’s teaching recorded and accessible at any point of time? DIGICHAMPS will be a study buddy in reality. Not just video contents, but the company also has a unique kind of a learning centre where we provide our future generation with all kinds of modern amenities like air conditioned classes, Wi-Fi connectivity and Tab based learning. Yes! Students enrolling with DIGICHAMPS will get all these facilities at a very minimal cost along with which, they get a promise to score at least 5% more marks that what they scored in the previous examination. So all that the company has been trying to do is make education system better, simpler, convenient, affordable and easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

We recently came up with a unique learning centre for the students of Std 6-10 that includes fully air conditioned classes with a high speed WiFi connectivity and the unique feature being the Tab based learning method of study. Students will be provided with an Android tablet wherein they will have all the chapters of Science and Mathematics in the form of videos. This very new learning centre is the first of its kind for the school level students and is located in the heart of the city of temples- Bhubaneswar. With the inspiring team, of young minds, we have a mission to change the dynamics of the current education system in India and we have been doing well in the path. For that reason, we say it’s not education that they impart but it comes with fun along with it and hence it becomes FUNDUCATION.

With this all new idea and concept, the company seeks forward to curb the issue of the lack of attention which is one of the most discussed problems among children. Naming it “attention disorder”, DIGICHAMPS aims at getting this issue solved by making videos of such types that would completely grab the attention of the children and then make the children understand the concept properly. The videos revolving with all kinds of real-life examples and experiments have the ability to keep the children glued to the concept till they understand them. They also provide the child with a “reason to study” that is something that most of the parents and educational forums fail to provide them with.

The team

The core team as of now has an experience of 4 years in starting up, in the startup kingdoms like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Being continuously mentored by some of the reputed CEOs of the industries the CEO of DIGICHAMPS Mr. Swoyan Satyendu aims at making providing quality education to all at affordable rates and maximum accessibility. Being a gold medalist from Delhi University, Mr. Swoyan has considered it a payback time for his hometown. According to him, he has gained a lot from the state and so it’s his turn now, to pay it back and give it to his hometown. That is the sole reason why he wanted to bring this concept into the very virgin market of Odisha.

Our progress

We launched our first app that will be compatible with Android operating system and IOS on the 22nd July 2017. The app has a very simple yet funky User Interface to facilitate users and parents too. The app contains all the videos of your desired grades with unique accessibility. Students can also access, view and use the videos based on 2 kinds of package options, one being online package and the other being the offline package. With the online package, users have to view the videos by streaming on-line by the use of Internet on the app. On the other hand the offline package comprises of an SD card that will be provided to the students in the secured Digital cards that will be retrieved from the app. Other than these packages, students can choose small Tit-Bit packs that will be economical, convenient and useful as well. These packages cost Rs 30 per day and will enable the students to view all the videos comprising in the small packages. They will get few videos as much required by them at that point of time. Just like other apps, DIGICHAMPS does NOT just give videos but also has online and offline tests to offer to all the students. These tests are followed by immediate assessments so that students get their results the moment the test is over. This would give them an idea of where they stand and how much they need to put efforts on. It often happens that we give up on our doubts and skip them for future and then forever. But to eradicate the issue, DIGICHAMPS has found the unique way to fix it.  Students enrolled with DIGICHAMPS packages can raise the tickets to ask doubts there in the app. These doubts will be then answered by the respective subject matter experts and the notified in the app itself. All the notifications will come along with the app and will never be missed out.

Having fingers crossed for good, we have been working hard to reach at our desired destination. For details about the company, you can log on to and for any queries, you can write them down at

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