7 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android

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live streaming apps androidThe 21st century has certainly blessed us favorably by endowing us with different application connected to live streaming. Android is the stage which had been set up since the advent of smart phones with a marketplace which has to offer possible equipment, accessory and services the planet has never witnessed. Ustream was a beloved application long before Android came to existence. With the onset of high end digital cameras and an insurmountable internet speed one can also download the best live streaming app for android and advertise in front of audiences all over the world.

Let us talk about some live streaming applications for Android:


periscope 2.png

Periscope, the official live video application from Twitter works stupendously and breathtakingly if one is already holding a Twitter account. Periscope need not be installed on your device in order to experience live stream, instead this can be witnessed on the Twitter homepage, feed and the browser. Tapping the screen would help users to like the post with hearty icons fluttering all over the page. This kind of a video can be played again and again till a day has passed from the ending time of the broadcast. Features like “Replay Highlights” has aided in presenting the best portions of the content. Options to save the broadcast and also the “Discover” tab makes it possible to watch any broadcast across the world.



Facebook live is one of the best options if you do not access Twitter on a frequent basis. Here the onset of the live video is directly from the case where you upload statuses and photos. Just like Periscope emoticons hover all over the screen once they are tapped upon. You can have a possible itinerary so that you can wait for the audience to join you on Facebook Live. Branded as one of the most prolific and commonly used live streaming app for Android, Facebook live allows you to run your broadcast for up to 90 minutes. Once halted, the video can be uploaded to your profile in high definition for later use.


Instagram Live.png

Instagram is probably the newest and the most contemporary among live streaming apps. Simply swiping the “Stories” screen and tapping the “Live” button commences the video. The “Stories” block will present the live stream where your display picture will be branded with a “Live” emblem. Instagram does not allow viewing videos from your browser since it is exclusively a mobile only application. Once the stream is over there is barely any way one can play the video all over again. Instagram is for the entirely for the ones who live in the moment.


livestream 5.jpg

Livestream application has been there for ages now. Through Livestream one can share their live ventures on both the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter since it is not owned by anyone of them. Comments appear at the base of the screen. Filters can be enforced and categories must be selected making it discoverable to others. Void of bell notification buttons this is one of the smoothest running applications ever.



With a tagline such as “craziest live streaming experience ever” Kanvas have already made a reputation in the market of live streaming app for Android. Filters, stickers and GIF’s are numerous. For the ones with a knack in the creative field there cannot be a more appropriate app for them. Live streams in Kanvas can be played and replayed on any device or platform.


Younow 1.jpg

Yet another application developed for broadcasting purposes is YouNow. Apart from sharing live streams one can also issue and grant gifts from this portal. Monetization is accessible with this application if your content is impeccable enough. With the advent of decent live streaming software YouNow also comes up with the statistics once the stream is complete depending on how many have viewed and liked the content. A live chat room is present as well just beneath the video.



Yet another application with features similar to YouNow and an alluring tagline like “live video selfies” is Streamago. Viewers can send gifts to the broadcasters of their choice or the ones they are indebted to. Here one can also choose whether to stream in public or private mode. Videos can be played over and over again and can be shared on most of the social media platforms.


There are many other applications if you are looking for a live stream app on Android. Show yourself to the world and also let others see you and your artistry. Get yourself the best application from your Google Play store for free and without hassles. Showcase yourself in the best possible way and live an upgraded tech assisted life. Stream yourself and also your actions in front a live audience like never before.

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