Why You Should Consider Android Instant Apps for Your Business

This column is authored by Amit Dua,  Co-Founder and CEO at Signity Solutions and ValueAppz

android instant appsLast year at its I/O conference, Google announced the launch of Android Instant Apps.

If Android Instant Apps are to be described in one sentence, it is basically a feature that will allow users to open any app simply by tapping a link without downloading or installing it.

You can say that Android Instant Apps are lite versions of Android native apps.

Cool, isn’t it?

The main purpose of developing Android Instant Apps is to enable users access an extensive range of apps instantly through social media sites, messaging, search and deep links. After clicking the link, the users will be forwarded to a mobile web space where they will be able to view and use the app features.

For example, you want to do one-time shopping during a festive sale on an e-commerce app, but you don’t want to download it. With Android Instant Apps, you can just hit the link, shop and exit quickly.

This feature has been made compatible with Android Jelly Bean OS and later versions. The beauty of Android Instant Apps is that is based on similar Android APIs, source code and project. So, there is no need for developers to build a new or a separate app, all it requires is a simple update of the existing Android app.

Why you must consider Android Instant Apps for your business?

1. Enhance User Experience:

The most apparent advantage is the seamless and on-demand experience for the users. You can reach out to more number of users without putting them through the hassles of installing your app.

2. Save Internal Memory of Phone

Apps can eat into the internal memory of handsets. Since Android Instant Apps would let users use the app without installing, it will free up the storage space. It will straight away let the users launch the content they find useful.

3. Lesser Focus on Analytics

When it comes to user traffic, everything boils down to analytics such as number of downloads, session length, screen flow and play store rankings. After Android Instant Apps, all that you would need to be concerned about is providing attractive user experience, driving more traffic and enhancing user retention. Due to the ease of use and instant engagement, the users will be more committed to you.

4. Easy Discovery

Android Instant Apps will act as an app as well as a web page. Users can search the app from any web search and launch it directly from there. This means that your app has greater chances of being discovered.

The Android Instant Apps recently became available to users in May 2017. Google estimates that it will add more than a billion users to the app database.

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