5 Best Practices for Effective Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation

Internet has revolutionised the way of doing business. Now any business is able to leverage online channels to get customers irrespective of their geography.

There are billions of users connected to the Internet, spending their time in online communities, doing research, consuming online entertainments etc. They have endless options for whatever they need just a few clicks away.

How do you make sure that your business is able to capture the right kind of prospects and convert them into buyers?

The solutions lies in adopting best practices for internet marketing via generating and nurturing leads that match with your ideal customer profile.

Here are a few healthy practices you should adopt in order to improve the quality and overall outcome of your lead generation efforts as a marketeer:-

Understand your product

Thorough understanding of your product will go a long way in your sales and marketing efforts.

Understand what challenges your product is trying to solve. How those challenges will be solved by using your product. What will be the situation after the problem is solved or when your solution is deployed. All these are very important in building the entire communication right from initial contact to even getting a repeat purchase.

Understand your target prospect’s profile

You will get ample amount of queries to work on with your online marketing efforts. The idea is to maximise the returns and focus on only those leads that work best for your business.

Having a clearly defined buyer persona can help you establish benchmarks for who your ideal customer is. You can define what quality of a leads means to you. Quality of a lead can be based on various factors like geography, interest, engagement with your marketing communication, size of the prospect company, job title of the lead and so.

Be aware of your prospect’s challenges

Your prospects are constantly researching and learning information on the Internet that is important for their role. As a company your goal should be to effectively address their needs and challenges by giving them sufficient information to make that buying decision.

Instead of beating around the bush and promoting the goodness of your brand in your marketing communications, create content that can help your prospects in solving their problem. Quality content will also help in capturing the right interests and quality leads.

Make better landing pages

Landing page is one of the critical conversion stage where you collect information from your prospects. Make sure the contact page is easy to load and the lead generation form is easy to fill.

Focussing the landing page for one particular solutions that maps with your prospect interest will help in easier conversion.

Incentivise your prospects

Giving free stuff to your prospects is effective in building initial trust and makes it easy for capturing the required information from your prospects. There are many ways to offer free stuff, in form of – ebooks, webinars, free trials, coupons etc.

Overall the Internet presents an immense opportunity to scale your business. Tapping into this vast distribution channel and leveraging it to do sales is easy, but comes with practice and experimentation.

Keep experimenting and collecting insights/data to feed in back into your sales and marketing intelligence. Soon you will see an increase in both in quantity and quality of your marketing leads with a subsequent increase in your revenue.

Good luck with your efforts!

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