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How Brands Can Increase User Engagement and Customer Retention with Chatbots

This column is authored by Irfan Ahmed Khan, brand strategist, digital marketing expert, and blogger at

chatbots brandingIn today’s digital world, the key to success is far beyond than figuring out the location of your buyers. User engagement and customer retention are the two most important factors that play a main role in taking any brand to new heights of success. With a plethora of marketing tools available, increasing brand engagement and retention rate has become easier.

Chatbots are the newest tool that many digital marketers are using to reach and maintain their target audience. Research suggests that around 40% people ignore the first message and 25% drop off after the second. But, some digital marketing agencies know the trick and find new ways to interact their customers and increase the retention rate.

Since there is a huge variety of chatbots available today with a variety of trackable metrics, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to opt for to reach your potential and existing customers.

Here, in this blog, I’ve highlighted some effective ways that many web design agencies, digital marketing agencies, SaaS startups can take to increase user engagement and customer retention rate by using chatbots.

Offer a Unique Selling Point

Besides the basic business objectives and the digital marketing plan you have set for your agency, you also need to create some key values for chatbot as well. It is simply not enough to tell your customers about the weather update or any latest food deal available. Your chatbots must be unique in every aspect.

When consumers communicate with your brand’s chatbot, they need to find it friendly and beneficial in any way, whether that be educational or simply helpful. In order to figure out what your chatbot needs to answer, ask your most frequent customers what problems do they face in their daily lives, what are their preferences, what they want to know about their brand, what they love more about your brand, why they prefer your brand over others and why they keep on coming back for more products. Once you got all the important information, make it your main focus and start employing it as your unique selling point.

Find Out Your Buyer Personas

Once you have gathered all the information that you want to achieve with your chatbot, it’s time to create buyer personas. This will simply not allow to reach a wider audience but create a group of loyal customers. And the plus point is, you’ve already done your homework and knew what are their pain points and what are their preferences in order to retain them.

Since you already know who your target audience is, start by classifying them. To do so, use Facebook Audience insights. It’s the most effective way to understand your audience in order to deliver them meaningful messages. Your Facebook Insights will help you learn about the demographics of your target audience, the pages they like most, their location and preferences, their buying behavior, the pattern of Facebook usage and much more.

In fact, Facebook Insights will let you discover different buyer personas so that you can target them directly and personalize your messages to offer them a seamless and great user experience.

Opt for a Chatbot Building Tool

One of the easiest ways to use Facebook Audience insights tool and reach your target audience is to create the platform directly on your social media channels. Creating a chatbot messaging platform that is dedicated to helping your customers on your website is the key to reach them.

You can use a chatbot-building platform to create an AI powered chatbot for your own brand. For this, it’s not necessary to have an in-depth coding knowledge, all you need to do is to sign up, link it to your Facebook profile and start tracking.

A chatbot that is created by using chatbot-building platform has potential to take orders directly from Facebook Messenger, posts and comments. It can integrate with all the payment systems and push personalized deals and offers to customers, on request.

Analyze the Metrics

Since chatbots generate massive data, it is important to regularly check your engagement metrics. Analyze the average number of messages received in a conversation, the average time of the sessions, and the average conversation per user.

If the number of messages in a conversation is increasing, it clearly indicates that your audience is spending more time interacting with your chatbot, thus, increasing your engagement and retention rates. And if the number of users and conversations both are increasing simultaneously, it could be a good sign that your chatbot is captivating your audience while providing the best service to your audience.

Filter Your Conversations

In order to provide your customers with the right service with your chatbot, you need to know all the pain points. However, it’s more challenging to figure it out, carefully looking at your conversations will equip you with a huge amount of data to improve the interactions you have with your customers. While filtering your conversations, it is important to know these important stages:

  • Check your conversations to see if your chatbot missed any opportunity to interact with your customer.
  • Analyze the conversation in which your customer explained his problem, but the chatbot didn’t deliver the right solution.
  • And identify those longer conversations as well in which your customers were satisfied with the services you delivered.

Filtering through the conversations on a regular basis will allow you to optimize your chatbot’s proficiencies. This will enable you to extract patterns that will help identify where your chatbot could get more improvement, thus increasing your chances of getting more engagement and retention rate.

Use Previous Technologies to Determine Success Rate

Believe it or not, chatbots are growing in popularity in various industries all over the world. Some experts believe that chatbots are taking over mobile apps. If that is the case then previous technologies and marketing methods should be used as a standard to measure the success rate.

Some technologies could include, email marketing, SMS marketing, advertising campaigns and more. And the best thing about chatbot is that they can reach your target consumers in their favorite messaging channels, which those previous marketing methods can’t do.

If truth be told, chatbots are the more personalized form of advertising in which brands can have a one-on-one interaction with their prospects. The chatbot breaks down all the barriers between a brand and a customer, as users can easily communicate with the brand because chatbot is integrated into their favorite messaging platform.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is the key to test new ideas. Start by testing different forms of conversations. The way you interact with your customers is key to engaging them quickly. There are a lot of users who don’t bother to read the first message, your objective should be to change this mindset. If you can pass that first barrier, you may have them hooked forever.

Integrate Your Chatbot with a Human Team

Despite all the remarkable advancements in AI powered chatbots, they are still dependent on humans. Sometimes, chatbots get things wrong, therefore, your team should be there to save the lead. You should give your consumers a chance to interact with a human representative during each stage of the conversation you have with them.

This will show your consumers that your brand cares more about its customers’ needs. You will be engaging with them more profoundly, offering multiple solutions to their problems. Giving your customers the level of attention and engagement they deserve is the key to improve your retention rate.

To Sum Things Up

There are many web design agencies who are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, while some digital marketing agencies are incorporating AI that powers chatbots into their digital marketing plan.

Now it’s your turn to convince and engage your audience by sticking around to communicate with your brand’s chatbot. All you need to follow the above-mentioned strategies and start a successful conversation between your chatbot and your audience, so that your brand can get more user engagement and customer retention.

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