How to Keep Staff Motivated When Deadlines Are Due

This column is authored by Digital Marketer, Paula Unitt

motivated staffWhen the pressure is on at work, staff can often lack motivation, perhaps feeling too overwhelmed by the task in hand and opting to procrastinate instead. As an employer, you’ll want to motivate staff. This involves making them feeling valued and giving them the time to rest when needed, to increase their productivity.

So, here are some tips to help keep staff motivated when the going gets tough:

Lay out exactly what is expected of them/ the project

Staff will feel better motivated if they are fully informed about what is expected of them and what needs to happen. If they have clear instructions, they can work towards that goal with clarity. Tell them the deadlines and make it clear how important these deadlines actually are.

Use team collaboration software

Using programs like Google Drive will enable teams to work together even when located remotely. Encourage the use of messenger services so that staff are all on the same page and can ask each other questions whenever they need to. Small efforts like this allow staff to stay in touch and projects can therefore go more smoothly.

Give them the right tools

Linked with the above, give staff everything they need to complete the project successfully – a company mobile phone, a printer, a scanner – whatever it is, make sure they can fulfil their tasks properly.

Feed them!

Fruitful Office, a UK and Ireland fruit delivery company, says that giving healthy snacks, like a fruit, to employees can give them more motivation in the workplace. They found an 11% increase in staff agreeing that their workplace “enabled them to work more productively” following the introduction of the concept. So, consider bringing in snacks or even paying for dinner if staff must work late. Free food will help them feel valued and will keep their minds active, too.

Show your appreciation

UK-based Smallbusiness says that you should show your appreciation to staff who are working well, and especially to those working above and beyond what they’re expected to. This doesn’t always involve paying them extra or giving them a bonus, but just saying ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ at the end of the day can really make that staff member’s day, and allows them to go home feeling positive.

Listen to your staff

Make sure you listen to your staff. Have an open door policy. Email staff and encourage them to contact you if there are any problems. If a staff member comes to you, listen to what they have to say and respond appropriately. It can take a lot of courage to come and talk to a manager, especially if the topic is sensitive, so make sure you are responsive and thank them for coming to you.

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