How to Retain Your Business Email Subscribers

This column is authored by Alisa Bagrii, Digital Marketing Specialist at EveryCloud

email subscribersOne of the marketing ways to attract more customers is sending emails. Many companies offer their clients some benefits in exchange for their email addresses. That is done with the objective to encourage this client return to your company or service again. It is a proved fact that 48% of recipients do make purchases either online or in the store after they get a commercial email.

But the creation of spam filter as well as a possibility to unsubscribe from receiving messages prevent marketers from achieving their goals. Why does it happen? There are several reasons why potential customers unsubscribe from promotional emails.

According to the survey of over 1,300 Americans in autumn 2016 the reasons were the following:

  1. Irrelevance or too big number of emails discouraged over 65% of subscribers.

  2. Loss of interest in the brand was a decisive factor for 65% as well, but predominantly among elderly people.

  3. Problems with website work or displaying on the phone screen made 51% of users refuse from messages.

  4. Negative experience with customer service forced 41% of customers forget about the brand and mainly these were young people between 18 and 24.

  5. Mobile application of the brand functioned badly so 40% of its users did not wish to receive emails too.

There are also some other causes mentioned in Litmus infographics that make users get rid of getting commercial messages. We have compared results with another survey that has quantitative data and according to we may see the following figures:

  1. Unawareness of subscribers about the company or service. If signing up was unintentional or with the hope to receive some prize, for example, and he or she has not received letters from the service for a period of time when he could forget about it, it is one of the reasons that makes users unsubscribe. 19% of people believe that each commercial email was sent with the purpose to sell anything to them so they delete them without any doubts.

  2. Low-quality content. Commercial content has to compete with interesting for a customer e-mails, so if it’s content is weak and not creative, unfortunately it will be sent to nowhere. Over 10% of people consider such marketing campaign duttered and sloppy.

  3. Promotional emails are not personalized. Every user wishes to see that a received letter was meant personally for him and absence of any connection is a reason to stop getting such messages. 10% of people say that received by them emails seem to satisfy the needs of other people by not them, while 17% of them call them not relevant for them.

  4. Annoying and too often emails. If an overwhelming number of emails will fill the box on a regular basis, who will not get annoyed with some time? 26% of customers name this reason for unsubscription.

  5. The competitors work better. Sometimes the reason to unsubscribe is finding a better alternative.

Tips how to prevent unsubscription

The reasons for unsubscription can be rather various, but it is important to know how to prevent your potential customers from making this rough mistake and encourage him or her to take actions:

  • Customers require options. Too frequent emails only frustrate users, so you can offer them a choice how often they wish to get an email to satisfy their needs. This option is preferred by over 49% of consumers according to MarketingSherpa research;

  • High level of relevance is a must have. 29% of consumers get rid of the irrelevant emails;

  • Perfect email look on both desktop and mobile devices. Modern shift to smartphones and tablets resulted in 7% of users, who unsubscribe because of poor look of the email on the device screen;

  • Subject line as a boost to open the email. It must be specific and show benefits a customer will have if he opens the email – only such a subject line can encourage to read further;

  • Maximize the deliverability of emails without getting into spam folder.

  • Follow a two-link unsubscribe rule to click once in the email and once on the landing page. 50% of subscribers tick commercial emails as spam because they do not know how to unsubscribe from them.

Things you shouldn’t do with unsubscribed emails

Okay, your marketing strategy was not effective enough and many of your customers unsubscribed from commercial emails from your company. There is no need to get nervous and make foolish mistakes that can even worsen the situation. Here are some common tricks how to stay in the good books with customers even after unsubscription:

  1. Non-working opt-out email address shouldn’t be provided.

  2. Never send an answer with the content that the request for unsubscription was received.

  3. Avoid ignoring requests for unsubscription.

  4. Prevent consumers from filling out their own email address in the unsubscription form.

  5. No questions like “Are you sure?”.

  6. Don’t redirect a customer to the page to purchase. He was going to unsubscribe only.

  7. We do not wish to see emails about successful unsubscription.

  8. Unsubscription link of the smallest font existing – are you kidding?

  9. Never send customers to the web page containing a box checked to subscribe him. And when he takes himself off any lists, to the page to look for a box to unsubscribe.

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