Roommates Are Important – That’s Why We Have Built RentRoomi

This column is authored by Nitin Sharma, Founder & CEO of RentRoomi

rentroomiFor more than 7 years, I had been staying away from my native town for education then job purposes. Being an engineering student, residing in the college hostel, I recognized the need of the right roommate. Witnessing the strenuous life of an engineering college, I have seen it all, there is to see in a roommate. From the one that bullies, to the one who leaves his dirty socks under your bed, from a kleptomaniac to a self-proclaimed “bhakt”, in college and then work life, I have encountered numerous types of roommates. Though some became friends for life, others were a disastrous experience, which left him disgruntled. After swallowing this bitter pill and learning from my ordeal, I decided to building a platform catering to customers, wanted to share a flat or a room, and looking for the right ‘roomi’.

The Product

The website helps in finding a roommate, the solution to a major problem of staying alone in an unknown city and other problems like high expenses (and more), RentRoomi provides homeowners and single renters a customized platform to not only select the right room for you based on price and locality but also gives you the insight about your future roommates and amenities provided in the room.

The user can post their ad, and answer detail regarding room, amenities, and price. The model of RentRoomi aids you in settling at a new location, with the right room partner, wherein you can share the cost of living via sharing electricity and logistics bills. By creating an all in one platform, we aim to offer a more holistic approach than roommate finding social media groups. The model is fairly simple, where one can create an account and search room partners or create a listing and wait for tenants to connect to you.

What Sets RentRoomi Apart from Its Competitors

The growth of the online rental business is India has gone through many ups and down since its inception. Market leaders like Sulekha, 99 acres, Magic Bricks and’s unique platform, simplified the search of the perfect home. But the success they enjoyed for years took a hit in 2015, with companies restructuring, mass firing and even some of them shutting the doors to curtail losses. This scenario evoked the demand of a technology that goes beyond listing properties and provided a holistic solution of finding the perfect home for oneself, widely known as shared accommodation. RentRoomi is different from other classified websites because it offers the user to choose the right kind of roommate basis on preferences, demographic and geographic analysis.

As it acknowledges the competition in the online renting space from established market leaders, we at RentRoomi are optimistic of its growth. Metro cities are attracting single working and educational class youth in the prospect of a better life and this has created a huge demand for rentals. Though existing players are offering rental properties, they are lacking a personal touch. This gap is bridged by RentRoomi, which helps you to foresee and decide the person you will be sharing your room with. The model right now aims to generate revenue through added services like Google ad-sense, In future additional value-added services related to hang-out places, rental furniture, and so on will be segmented that will also be a interesting part for youth. The core website will always remain free for to create listing or looking for occupancy in a already occupied apartment.

Made By An OffBeat Mix of People

Nitin Sharma – I, the Founder of Rentroomi, formerly worked in a software development company as a project planning and business developer, during studies in college proposed an Idea with Prototype code (Phase-1 ) to PM-II Section, Ministry of Home Affairs in (2011-2012). I  come from Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Age- 25

Bhagat Singh Shekhawat– manages the development back end section, earlier worked in National Informatics Centre, pursued Masters in computer Applications. Belongs from Jaipur (Rajasthan) Age- 29

Jitendra Sharma – Formal Advisor and actively involved in market research and analysis , also manage to prepare further strategy, also running his own software and animation movies development center from 2008, belongs from Jaipur Age-30

Sucharita Charaya – By profession Dentist but also one of the main motivator for building up this platform. Working as Social Media Executive focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogger. Execution of all social media activities (i.e. tweeting, sharing, engaging, liking, increasing social reach ) Posting several Facebook posts each day and finding new ways to leverage Facebook for professional and business purposes. Belongs from Jaipur Age-24

Lessons As An Entrepreneur

The experience of being an entrepreneur has changed me , fundamentally, from the way I think to the way I act and the way I want to live my life. Most of the time, it’s for the better, and occasionally for the worse, but entrepreneurship will change it. I have become more passionate about working, I started evaluating everything, from my breakfast to the arrangement of every single thing I see in front of me, I can see that no one is a failure everyone has great potential to do great things all they need to do apply it right away, I’m more confident about abilities, give respect to anybody who works hard at anything I can now understand that failure is more than success, and will come again and again. I embrace the people criticize and provide me feedbacks and take it as an opportunity to improve.

My venture relies on my community, I think more about giving them back , it’s a productivity challenge for me too!

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