How My Love For Fashion Inspired Me To Create A ‘Fashion Library’

This column is authored by Aanchal Saini Gujral, Founder and Head of Business, Rent It Bae

rent it baeFor me, clothes have always been an indispensable part of my identity.

I have always been in love with myself. Ever since I remember, I have loved experimenting with fashion, trying on new dresses and admiring the reflection I saw. Even after becoming a lawyer and being in this profession for seven years, nothing changed. I love to flaunt a new dress every time I am going out or hosting a party at my abode. Every time I look at my closet, it’s full but nothing seems wearable! Often, I run to the malls to hunt for an outfit.

Outfits, their cuts and details are simply mesmerising. It’s perhaps these things which make me reach out for a new one so often. Other than defining my being, they seem like poetry which I can touch and feel on my skin. But when it comes to organising my closet it becomes a nightmare – it’s so full! Besides, I hate stacking these beautiful clothes and wearing them again.

What if I had access to a fashion library? Yes, a library-like place which had a great collection of beautiful dresses from where I could rent and return them after wearing it for an occasion. That’s how the idea of a fashion rental “Rent It Bae” came into being.

After spending seven years as a lawyer, heading the legal division of India’s first international arbitration institute backed by the High Court, this idea made me an entrepreneur. It’s delightful to look back at how seeking the solution to an everyday problem transformed me. When I discussed the idea with my peers – Amit Sharma (technology guru), Ricky Gujral (operations and IT expert) and Karan Gujral (technology guru and ex-Googler), they were awestruck and readily came on board. It is from there that “Rent It Bae” started to take shape. However, the take-off was not a smooth one.

While the idea was taking the shape of a business venture, its viability and validity were questioned. People often said things like, “You are thirty, when do you plan to have a baby?”, “You are hardly at home,” and, “How can you not cook at home?” These questions bothered me initially because I had never expected them. I was following my heart and did not expect such an unpleasant attitude from people.

Cooking and having babies are not the only jobs for a woman. She has the right to pursue her dreams as well. I had a dream more powerful than such limiting intrusions. I held onto my dream and listened to my heart. I am blessed with a supporting family who cushions me against such unwelcoming attitudes. They truly added feathers to my wings and have been there when I set-off to fly.

“Rent It Bae” has been going great for eleven months now. I just love the way my dream is taking shape and happily work seven days a week for it. The success of this venture is because of the joint effort of my team, which I am very proud of! God has been very kind to me. And lastly, I would like to convey to every woman the message that it’s your life, sculpt it the way you want it. I chose to follow my own clock and so can you!

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