Top 10 Contemporary Design Trends in eCommerce

This column is authored by Dimitris Papoutsis, Manager, Synergic Software

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eCommerce web design has developed notably. For some online stores, most site visitors (if not most customers) will use mobile phones to shop. This suggests websites will be developed to be adaptable, and made responsive or flexible for more screens. Designers will consider the site in its adaptable edge.

Generally big players like Amazon lead the progressions and impact the trends by presenting new ideas. To get by in hardened competition of eCommerce industry it’s inevitable for online business web specialists’ group to discover what’s new in the market and impeccably receptive to the customers’ developing needs and that is the reason trends of eCommerce design stays one of the most sizzling subjects of talk.

Along these lines, while discussing the eCommerce design trends of this year, again talks are revolving around the key factors that draw in more crowd and the ones drive them off.

1. Responsive Design (Mobile-First Approach)

Nowadays this really should be the highlight for any online store! It is fundamental that the arrangement of your site would be demonstrated perfectly on any device running any OS.

Google Penguin comprehended that more individuals are utilizing their convenient cell phones for online transactions when it discharged the Mobilegeddon algorithm update in 2015. Soon after the dispatch of this update, every eCommerce website was centered around making a mobile responsive design. Be that as it may, circumstances are different now, the year 2017 would see the eCommerce website designers making the website for mobile first and after that making it responsive for desktop view. Customers would locate a consistent mobile-friendly experience while perusing through the eCommerce business sites with this mobile first approach.

2. Interaction Through Conversational Bots

Having a virtual shopping right hand by the online customer’s side would be the new trend in 2017 eCommerce business. These conversational bots or chatbots would offer a more customized internet shopping experience to the crowd. Chatbots offering keen help by understanding the customers’ needs and tackling all their shopping inquiries would be on the ascent in 2017. A conversational UI, controlled by Artificial Intelligence, would be utilized to keep the customer connected with while computerizing the correspondence and deals.

3. Chatbots

As the market turns out to be more aggressive and clients’ chance turns out to be progressively restricted, eCommerce organizations need to ensure they’re not wasting any chance to make a deal. Utilizing chatbots will enable you to ensure that clients’ purchasing knowledge moves toward becoming smoother and quicker and they’re settling the negotiations more regularly than they desert the carts because of the absence of information.

4. Emergence Of Cinemagraphs

GIFs were a typical sight on eCommerce sites a year back, in any case, this year cinemagraphs would be assuming control over the sites with their unpretentious looks. Cinemagraphs are still pictures with little animations added to them. These are more captivating than pictures and give a superior web based shopping knowledge to the clients. Animated pictures or these cinemagraphs can be utilized as a part of item pictures, landing page banners, category headers and offer substantially more to treat the eye of the customer.

5. Long Scroll

It is starting at now an example for a hugely long time and basically, everyone is normal to long materials because of mobiles. Clicking on a phone can be an issue, however, the investigating is continual to the point that you comprehend it on a hunch. A single page loading offers a visual story that keeps the customer-drawn in without breaking the fixation. 2017 would be the year while looking over pages would set up their check for all time and be seen in all the e-commerce sites.

The procedure works particularly well for sites that utilization narrating and need to lead clients through the story for more association. What’s more, that doesn’t keep you from making a multi-page site by breaking the look into clear segments.

6. Material Design Still Rules

2014 was the achievement year for the framework see material design and the design was exceptionally valued by the clients; to such an extent that despite everything it figures out how to control the e-commerce design in 2017. Material designs with shadow impacts, card-like format, vibrant colors, responsive animations, and transitions will keep on growing in 2017 attributable to the popularity they picked up. E-commerce is embracing and will keep on adopting this design for better and more sorted out review of their items on the site page.

7. Demand for real-time customization will skyrocket this year

In 2017, we will see the advancement of an online shopping experience, customized for each web purchaser progressively. This will end up being an amazing eCommerce trend for all the new-age web entrepreneurs who comprehend the key significance of customized shopping background.

8. Motion Animation

It is one of the most current and the coolest trend in eCommerce web design industry. The excellent and nonstandard method for item showing utilizing motion animation gives your clients greater part of awesome feelings and exceptional shopping experience. This is important for such businesses where the greater part of buys are enthusiastic (e.g. Gift Shops, Jewelry, Fashion and so on.).

9. Rise Of Bright Colors

eCommerce design trends discourse can’t be finished without discussing the color schemes that would pull in more customers. 2017 would be one year where we would see a blast of bright colors on the eCommerce website screens. Truth be told, e-commerce websites would section and investigate the crowd on the premise of their age-gathering and pick hues from the splendid palette to coordinate their preferences. Greenery has been delegated the color of the upcoming years by Pantone, so you can utilize it in your e-commerce design in the event that it feels pertinent to the brand and gathering of people state of mind.

10. High Quality Visual Treats

While images have dependably been a piece of eCommerce websites, the year 2017 would see the ascent of high-quality pictures that feature every one of the subtle elements minutely. Indeed, to offer a superior visual ordeal, the e-commerce sites would utilize video substance to bait the inactive gathering of people. The video substance and extensive picture foundations would be utilized for every item page notwithstanding the landing page itself.


There is a need to develop the current design trend so organizations can be at standard with the changing client propensities. Yes, client conduct has changed definitely and this is the reason web specialists have advanced themselves also. eCommerce websites have few difficulties, such as expanding competition and decreased guest’s consideration. These things have the ability to hamper the business. For this present, it’s vital that eCommerce website develops and transform them according to the trend. This trend, as specified in the blog, could be conceivable development we can expect in the following year.

With no uncertainty, eCommerce will keep on taking income share far from conventional stores in 2017. As the details in this article obviously say, cell phones are turning into the holiday-shopping weapon of decision and the mobile share of sales will absolutely develop this year. Keeping in mind the end goal to be set up for the following Black Friday, ensure you have an all around composed application as it could be the distinct advantage for your business.

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