How to Build a Digital Brand?

This column is authored by Karan Sharma, Manager – Communications & Strategy, Shamoor

building digital brand

Startups having their own products (or offering services) have the raw materials and talent needed for it and are also backed by the technology run by a few technicians; so overall, producing a good product or rendering good services is something that can be achieved with somewhat more ease; but the catch remains in getting your brand popular! The most important aspect here lies in understanding the audience and ultimately reaching out to your targeted consumers. So, the most important aspect of brand building is to market your product or service by contriving a strategy for it. Reaching out to the target audience is the ultimate mantra that decides the success or failure of any startup. You might have the best product in the market, but if you remain unaware of the techniques to showcase the same to your audience, then that product or service remains overlooked; and sadly, unused.

How to Go Viral On Social Media Is Something That Has Really Gone Viral!

Marketing in its very nascent stages involves understanding the product or service and delving into the details including price etc. Then the marketing matures with the identification of a proper channel through which the product or service would reach to the target audience; and finally, designing and implementing all the promotional activities required for selling. Since ages, the marketing gurus have been chalking out ways and constantly looking for strategies to reach more audience in the shortest possible time. The Internet has really revolutionized this search. It has proved as a blessing in reaching to the the maximum number of people in the minimum amount of time. Every business today in the competitive market requires a strong online presence to sell its product or service. The procedure of digital marketing has really benefitted most of the start-ups and small businesses to come into the limelight and expand their brand recognition effectively.

What Is a Brand, Its Identity, and Its Components?

Brand is when your business gets its hallmark stamp; when it is known by its name and not by the offerings in terms of products or services. A brand becomes an ultimate recognition of the product or service and also of the company as a whole. A brand publicly distinguishes one product or service from another in its category. Any company actually takes the duty of producing a distinguished product with several distinct and unique features or providing innovative services. It, in fact, determines the way how a company or organization works to identify its product or service in the market surviving and surpassing its competitors. It is the representation of the picture how the company wants to be portrayed in the market and wishes to be perceived. A brand also becomes unique due to the identity it carries. Brand identity comprises of a few components, which, if created in the right way, can fetch effective results for your business. They are

  • Brand Graphics: Visual appearance gives your brand the much-deemed recognition. It includes colours, graphics, typography, logos, symbols, photography, design & online dynamics.
  • Brand Content: It includes the description of the brand that is going to inform your audience about the product and its unique features.
  • Brand Style: This actually carries the unique style that sets you apart from the other brands in the market. The language, the style, and the tone of the voice of the brand – all fall under this category.

Is Brand Identity Only for Companies or Can Individuals Too Avail from It?

The term, BRAND, has expanded its range and now it is not only limited to big and small companies but almost every working individual today has his own brand. Building your brand identity will actually guide you to have an identity of yours, which people would associate you with or remember you for!

Building a Fabulous Brand Is Easy; Thanks to Internet / Social Media

Be it for companies or for any individual, a brand identity can now be so easily developed, just because of the presence of the internet and/or social media. Thanks to this technology boon that has made this job possible with just a few clicks and techniques clubbed together. Getting maximum people know about your brand without much hassle is now possible with the help of Internet.

Steps for Building Your Brand Online

You may be a great company having a great product or service, but at the end of the day, your online presence defines your business. So, building your brand online has become highly important these days to affix your position in the market.

Following these few steps, you can create an effective online presence in a very short time.

  • Critically determine your target audience
  • Define a branding mission statement for your product or service
  • Research on the existing brands within your niche
  • Outline the key features that your brand is offering
  • Create a logo as well as a tagline for your product or service
  • Create an attractive website
  • Create blogs for increasing traffic on your website
  • Use social media websites for brand promotion
  • Build reviews and testimonials for augmenting credibility
  • Also, do offline promotions for boosting your online presence

The role of a PR/Marketing Agency in It!

These steps may seem a cakewalk, but they can turn out to be an onus task. Try taking this service from a team of expert and experienced minds, who round-the-clock research on new and effective techniques to keep your brand on the top lists online. PR firms use 360-degree marketing and strategic branding that works on this mission to provide an excellent online presence for businesses in every existing vertical. They understand how fatal it is for a company today is to have no online presence, especially for start-ups and small businesses.

A professional agency can provide you with a plethora of services including domain name registration, web hosting, content development, and dynamic & responsive user interface services with effective results – all in just a small amount, which would be a true value for your earnest money spent on this significant task.

Any of the top-notch PR agencies like the Global leaders Edelman and Weber Shandwick; their European counterparts MSL Group & Media Consulta International or traditionally acclaimed champions like Ogilvy PR or even the fresh in the league like Shamoor with their 360 degree marketing and strategic branding approach can efficiently build your brand making sure that your reach escalates and intensifies in no time. They provide experienced services at very affordable rates so that every company can have a notable online presence and increase their business. Starting right from conceptualization, design & development of company branding, official websites creation, and social media platforms to event planning & activation – all aspects are handled carefully by these professionals. On one hand, the industry leaders like H+K Strategies come with a backing of 90 plus years of experience, and on the other hand, the next-gen agencies like Shamoor work ardently and diligently on all the existing social media platforms for marketing and brand building.

It may seem easy for anyone to create a BRAND. There are two ways to go for it: either create it yourself or take professional help. Choose your pick.

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