5 Ways to Attract the Best Talent to Your Startup

This column is authored by Kuldeep Bisht, Co-Founder SEMark Media

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A talented team is a key for a startup success. You might know the importance of a passionate, motivated and dedicated employee for a startup. But the question is how to attract top talent for your startup when you are not known in the market.

Skill shortage and evolving technology are some of the important factors which attract a top-notch workforce. Passionate and dedicated talent is an essential requirement for every company and the competition to hire a talented staff is at an all-time high. To hire top talent, some companies offer big salary packages while some offer relaxed & fun working environment. But the reality is that everyone wants to attract candidates with highest potential and growth.

After being a co-founder of one-and-half-year-old startup SEMark Media, I reached out the top business leaders to ask tips for hiring good talent for a startup.

Here are some tips which helped the startups to attract a talented staff:

1. Cultivate a Modern Work Environment

It is a competitive advantage for companies that offer enjoyable working culture with a challenging work for entry-level talents. It is a need for employers to show, they are just as capable of adapting when hiring new talents. A fresh candidate is high on motivation level and shows incredible pragmatism and agility.

An open working place allows for an open flow of communication. This culture helps in generation of new ideas through collaboration. It ensures, new joiners to feel more welcome on the first day and help them to create balanced enjoyable lives.

2. Develop Relationships Instead of Simple Delegation

A meaningful relation always matters when there is a communication between two people. According to Mattan Danino, owner of Webitmd, A good relationship is the best way to know your employee on a personal level. It can be done to lend extra support during a difficult time, do thoughtful things and celebrate together.

Being personal with your employee is the best way to attract and retain the employee in an organization. It also creates trust and promotes creativity. It encourages an atmosphere of innovation which helps in growth of the company as a whole.

3. Encourage Bilateral Feedback

Getting and giving feedback is important. To give feedback to the employee is a chance to grow them faster, and getting feedback for the company is a way to grow yourself.

According to the Vishwa Deep, co-founder of a startup and three other successful startups since 2009, A company should always encourage employees to share their feedback every month or quarter because it helps the firm especially new startups to improve consistently. By this process, both organization and employees benchmark their performance and achieve their goals.

4. Offer Benefits & Rewards

A poor working environment with strict management create stress and adversely affects the output. On the other hand, external perks create intrinsic motivation amongst employees; says Nicholas Chachula, co-founder of

Companies that permit flexible work schedules allow employees to take care of personal needs without wasting paid leaves. Free meals, gourmet dining, veritable buffets with snacks pantries save money. It creates a good connection between the company and employee. Entertainment options, free gifts, health and wellness programs including mental health care are some ways employee feel welcomed.

Make sure to provide time offs, vacations, childcare leave, parental leave and also services and tuition reimbursements to attract top candidates to connect with your company.

5. Give Scope for Career Development

Everyone working to create a bright future. Think outside the box for more engaging and high-performing workforce. Offer your employees to nurture their skills with training and educational programs. Connect with your employees and know their aspirations to deploy meaningful courses. Each candidate wants to know what an employer is able to offer them. Show them your values and growth opportunities to make them assured of a developing career with your startup. This is very important for retention as the employee starts to plan their future with you.


A talented staff is important for the success of your startup. However, it is much more important to retain them. The revolution of technology is fuelled by millennials. Your company must focus on attracting this tech-savvy population. Modify your policies according to the current need of workforce. And the present-day necessity is flexibility. Offer ease and attract a massive crowd of a voluntary workforce.

How did you attract talent for your startup? Share your experience and ideas in comments with others.

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