Things To Know About Social SEO For Twitter

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What is Social SEO?

Social SEO is improving our social media presence and driving traffic to website using various social media platforms.

Twitter still can be helpful with Google SEO – Here is How

Honest and Natural Links in content – in this case also, content will be the key factor, we need to create the content with proper outbound links.

Optimizing your website – Changing a bit in our website pages/Posts easy to share among twitter will also boost up the page engagement, followers and traffic from the source.

Build genuine connections on Twitter – Social media platforms are full of spam accounts and not all profiles are valuable for your business, building a strong and relevant audience on twitter will help you get visitors who will stay on your website or most likely they may lead to conversion.

Targeting your Website visitors at right time – The Google Analytics report will help us in getting the time and day of week when most of the visitors are visiting our website from twitter. Tweeting and sharing website content will get more visitors.

Using keywords from SEO Strategy –  To get the relevant visitors from organic searches, using our SEO keywords for business in our Tweets will help us to get our posts ranked in SERP.

Using Twitter feed widgets to our website – Keeping in mind we have our SEO Keywords in Tweets, Embedding the news feed in website will give exposure to the targeted keywords.

Improving Personal information in Social media profile – This is the important part where we can cater our content which will be viewable by visitors on the first impression. Keeping It much attractive and keyword focused, may give a good position for Website as well as social profiles in SERP.

Optimizing keeping Bing in mind – Bing yet another search engine after google is still reading and considering social media posts and feeds in their search results. So where getting used by google or not these contents are still valuable for organic visitors.

Using Trending content – Our content may be outdated for that instance of time, keeping our eye on what’s trending on twitter recently, then creating content according to that will create a good engagement to tweets and profile.

Using Hashtags – Hashtags are the way to broaden our tweets to get it shown which the particular hashtag is searched. We are need to use the trending and relevant #Hashtags while posting any tweet.

Showing Interest in Other’s content – It’s not only about sharing and marketing only our content and business on our twitter handle, Re tweeting others tweets to our profile will increase the engagement on the profile.

Use of Images – Tweets with image are more likely to attract visitors then the text only tweets.

Analyzing Twitter Analytics – When it’s been some time posting and tweeting on your twitter profile, Its time to analyse the tweets’ stat by seeing the analytics data twitter provides. We can use it in very effective manner to know who are the people showing engagement on our tweets, we can then mould our content according to the interest.

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