10 Reasons to Prove OKR Will Help Your Team Achieve All its Goals

This column is authored by Vietnam-based Justin Bui Tran, Founder, Goalify

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We all know Google uses OKR ever since they had only 40 people, when they were just in a startup state. And they kept the routine even until now with more than 6000 employees around the globe.

You can grow like it, and here are 10 reasons why you should apply OKR right now into your team when you are small.

1. OKR promotes the inspiration of your top company goals among the team

The visibility of your big goals from the vision, mission into quarterly goal helps all the executives and members have the ideas of how they should set the tone and objectives for their own OKR to align with the company goals. It creates a connection among individuals, teams and company.

2. Mindset is the foundation for everything

When your company is small, and has just started, it is very easy to align the mindset to your peers with the scale from 1-20, even from 40-100. With the size of 2,000, it takes a lot more effort and time to roll out, many conversations to get your organization get used to, comfortable and master it.

It is always easier and more flexible to adjust small team than a big one.

3. Continuously review and change your process

With a small team, the most pros is that you are very flexible, and things happen real-time. It’s a great chance to adjust and test, improve your process and bone that can maximize the productivity. With OKRs, your team goals & key results are always visible to show that you are on track, healthy, or your action does not work.

4. Focus can create strength

Since you are a startup, there will be various change you can pick up on the market, but sometimes these arising opportunities keep you away from your primary goals and make you fall into the wrong route. That could harm your business growing line. A small team can’t be divided to focus on different goals that do not serve the primary objective.

With OKR, it keeps all members of your team acknowledge and very crystal clear about what to concentrate and what is not a matter and how to achieve it.

5. Shows the way to achieve goals

You will never know whether you reach the goals or not when you don’t have a tool to show which way to go and measure the success. When it is clear, all your team needs is to keep fighting and achieving them.

6. Shows the reality

Focusing on the goal and how to achieve it is critical but knowing exactly your reality is also vital for your business. At early state, you don’t have much resources and time to waste. Realize how far we are from the goal, what our current process is, whether it is excellent to push further or not. To have this data to analyze and keep adjusting monthly or weekly indeed will help your team have the best productivity effort to move in the right direction. For sure that you don’t want to spend 3-6 months and realize that you are not on the right path or your team is not productive like you are expecting.

7. Builds discipline

It could take 5-10 mins a week but can save your month and year time. Some team just skip few minutes of quick catch-up, check-in or report. They said that there is too much task to do or some members are not comfortable to open up what they are working on and thinking. That is a very bad habit to your business. Without updates, you don’t know what the process is, how far you are from your team and organization goals. Are you able to reach it or you need to adjust, change the approach way? OKRs check-in habit and transparency help you to highlight all the process, give you the precise summary for your next move.

8. Transparency helps to see where the effort is duplicated

Support team to have clear communication and help them not to overlap the work. OKR help you to kill the gap of miscommunication. You don’t need your team to pick up the phone every day to ask what you are working on same objective. They just need to go to the OKR board to check the objectives of related members of the team to avoid the duplicate work.

9. Engaging & being recognized

With clear & transparent process, it helps you and your team recognize the effort and cheer up, applaud, congratulate one another when achieving the goals. This is such a way to light up and motivate the team. Not only that, it helps to make yourself recognized for you contribute to the big team as well. It reflects your work and earns personal branding. Besides, you should cheer up yourself too.

10. Doesn’t make you fall into the trap of perfectionism

One of biggest failing points of the startup is that they keep trying their best to enhance the product in the wrong context. Why am I saying that?

· Remember you don’t have big resources, and material support. It means having something delivered to the market will be better than having nothing.

· Your goal settings always can be edited. And with the help of OKRs, you will not be afraid that your team are not aware of the adjust and changes. So don’t need to care about perfecting your goal, the only one thing you need to do is making your team move in right direction.

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