4 Motivation Secrets to Inspire Your Employees

Instilling motivation is a challenge for many business owners. This quality is in a quite short supply in the corporate world, which is a shame considering the benefits all players can reap. Workers who are motivated and satisfied pull their weight and do not hesitate to work their fingers to the bone if need be.

This leads to improved productivity across the board, something that impacts the entire company. Also, businesses that inspire motivation are able to attract more talent and achieve much better retention rates.

An individual approach

There are no silver bullets or one-size-fits-all solutions. Every person is unique, with specific ideas, values, and needs. This is to say that individual attention poses one of the most effective tactics to water the seeds of motivation.

Employees must not feel isolated in sterile cubicles and unrecognized for their contribution, which is a common case in big companies. Simply speaking to an individual in an open and personal manner can create a sense of appreciation and satisfaction.

Thus, it is advisable to offer direct praise for good work, open the lines of communication, provide personal training, and reinforce good behavior.

The workplace dimension

Proper work conditions go a long way in increasing the level of motivation and productivity. Firstly, we must stress the importance of functionality. Ergonomic furniture is a true life-savior, or to be more precise, it mitigates problems like back pain and other nuisances of a sedentary lifestyle.

Furthermore, rubber mats work wonders for employees who like to work in a standing position or those who feel that prolonged sitting takes a toll on their health. Moreover, they can prevent perilous slips and falls.

Secondly, bear in mind that visually appealing work environment affects the mood and mentality of the whole team. With some flavor, color, and décor, it is possible to transform boring offices into places bustling with motivation.

Career and personal growth

The motivation plummets when things get stale and repetitive. Indeed, being stuck in the same position without any hope for change tends to shatter the motivation sooner or later.

A nice way to turn this around is to come up with opportunities for advancement and improvement. That is why business owners and managers should strive to delegate tasks and groom executives from within their own ranks.

Moreover, it pays off to promote from within instead of hiring outside experts. Still, employees can be satisfied even when advancement does not include a new title or a raise. Training or educational opportunities are often enough to spark interest and motivation.


Business leaders set the example

motivate employees

True business leaders are not some individuals with only remarkable qualities and tons of charisma. They lead by the example and know how to rally the troops without cracking the whip. Expertise has a huge role to play, so do empathy and soft skills.  

Leaders inspire by evoking clear pictures of the future and creating positive one-on-one relationships. They are also great listeners and they serve as role models, paragons of the company’s core values and work ethics.

Employees look up to such leaders and feel empowered to take on any task that lies in front of them. This dramatically shifts the landscape of the workplace and enables the organizations to make leaps and bounds towards success.

The fire within

Employees are seldom as motivated as business leaders, but there are ways to change this. Do not expect to work magic with quick fixes as motivation needs solid, fertile ground. It feeds on positive climate and conditions, as well as concrete benefits, incentives, and perks.

This is no walk in the park, but rest assured that nurturing company-wide motivation pays dividends in more than one way. Beyond everything else, it makes employees believe in the company wholeheartedly. So, ignite the torch of motivation within people and never let it fade away.

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