How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Brand Online

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It is so fascinating to note that a whopping 70%+ of consumers use the internet to purchase products or services in the US, according to Mintel’s research. What this implies is that over 200 million individuals have access to your online footprint! As a small business entrepreneur, you might be pleased of your business’ online presence but the question is, “are you always creating and distributing interesting content on the web?”

As a matter of fact, many small business owners are more focused on the growth of their online footprint than improving it. The difference here may not appear logical but indeed taking a closer look makes a lot of sense. Growth in your online footprint involves creating and sharing new high-quality content, however without working on improving the available content simply will portray your brand negatively to your target audience.

So where do you start in growing your digital footprint?

  • Get rid of poor quality content by either refreshing it or creating new content all together
  • Retain only the content that is associated with your brand, the rest is lackluster
  • From time to time analyze the content that is working and what is not. Get rid of the chunk content that does not engage visitors.
  1. Creating content for your brand

Whether you are a startup business entrepreneur or an established one, creating compelling content for your brand is quite crucial for your business. Always start by defining your content marketing strategy so that the content created will be responding directly to the needs of your target customers. Customer needs should guide your content creation or refreshing. Bearing in mind that there is other business in the same niche as you, you will be forced to work extra harder to make a difference. You can achieve this by focusing your energy on creating content that answers customers’ questions and truly offers value. Sponsored content platform would be ideal in this case to help in achieving the quality needed to engage your target audience. Buying sponsored content is quite popular since it guarantees results sooner thus enabling you to grow into becoming an authority in your industry.

  1. Distribution of your brand content

This is the most crucial part in content marketing. After defining your content marketing strategy, you must have embarked on cleaning up the old content refreshing it and creating new and compelling valuable content. Having done this, you are now a step away from breaking through in growing your digital footprint.

It is possible to work very hard creating the most valuable and compelling content but with poor distribution of the content, you never achieve anything! You, therefore, need to identify the best distribution channels that will help get your content to the target audience. Social media platforms have become quite a compelling force nowadays meaning you can never ignore its potential in your content distribution. However, in order to determine the right distribution channel, you must analyze your target market. Learn more about their needs, how they spend their time on the internet and their preferred communication methods.

You may decide to focus on one distribution channel as you manoeuvre through the market to create your brand. Once you successfully connect with the target market, you can apply other distribution channels like email marketing, paid social and Youtube and online publications among others.

Many small business entrepreneurs usually start with email because it is relatively cheap and quite effective. Andrew Coate, Global Marketing Solutions assures you that email is actually responsible for a majority of the content that we consume. On that note, you can as well use it to grow your online footprint faster.

Well, irrespective of the channel of distribution you choose to start with, always remember to allow your audience to be able to subscribe, share, follow and contact you.

  1. Content analysis

So far everything appears to take shape or in other words, success is with you. Many entrepreneurs don’t mind about anything else or simply don’t know what to do next. Analyzing your brand content is critical! You need to gather data on the effectiveness of the content distributed to the public. Content creation is always a continuous process. With your current content out there, you can easily leverage on customer demands, what type of content they are looking for and where they are looking for it. Understanding his, you will then be in a better position to provide your consumers with customized content where they want it.

Besides working towards providing the content the target audience needs, you also need to be bold enough to take risks by trying new things and challenging them a little bit.

The insider trick of content marketing that you should know

Now that content marketing is a must-do in both small businesses and large corporations, experts are always getting a step ahead of the rest to remain relevant. These are the “smart” tricks that you should also learn.

It doesn’t matter whether your website is fascinating or attractive; the way you get your target market to notice it and exceeding their expectations when they visit is what matters. That is where content marketing plays a critical role and you must be smart enough to do the right thing at the right time and place.

You must incorporate social media in engaging and recruit new prospects- this is critical but you must also remember the game is quite competitive with the “pay to play” mindset in content marketing. This is a strategy that many are using to capture the audience through higher organic search listings. This, however, should not be a substitute for quality content on your website. You can do this bearing in mind that you have the best content on your digital footprint for your audience.

Your ROI largely dependent on the quality of your content- no one should lie to you that investing in paid social could be a replacement for quality content. You should thus understand that besides investing in the paid social, the ultimate determinant of your success in business is the content.

According to Andrew Coate, Facebook’s Community and Content Manager, Global Marketing Solutions points out that customers and paid social are the most underused content channels that brands can use to expand their online footprint. He noted that many brands concentrate more on transactional conversations rather than continually helping them to thrive. He recommends that brands should continue educating and distributing quality content to the customers.


Irrespective of the size of business, content marketing is critical. Other marketing strategies are essential in a business but everything trickles down to the quality of content. This marketing strategy depends on the content creation team on your side and their ability to analyze the market to determine what the customers need and providing them with exactly that.  Your online marketing entirely depends on the quality of your content for success. The sooner you understand this and apply the right content marketing strategies, the better.

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    Users and companies have been changing their behavior/strategies towards mobile apps and social media, in prejudice of websites.

    Social media is becoming increasingly important (some companies are not even bothering to build a website). Today, nearly 80% of business have a dedicated team, social media is now a standard operating procedure.

    Sports stars, like Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant and Cristiano Ronaldo, have left websites almost completely and are engaging with their fans via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The website they own is not devoted to the player itself or to sell products, but as a place to promote their social media profiles.

    Another example is has as its only function to connect to their various social media profiles. And there are other examples of brands that only exist solely on social media.
    There are more than one million apps in major app stores, something like an app for any circumstance in our life. In the scientific literature, there are evidences that users prefer to use Mobile Applications instead of web browsing, and stores which have an app have more chances of selling their products than those who do not (Kang, Mun, & Johnson, 2015).

    This evidence suggests a change in users’ behavior and companies’ strategy towards Websites, influenced by the increasing use of Social Media and Mobile Apps.

    As an expert, what do you think about this?
    Why do you think users are changing their behavior?
    Can you imagine this a problem to the future of websites due to its (probable) decreasing use?

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