How We Are Delivering Economic Prosperity and Transforming Rural India at Claro Energy

This column is authored by Priyanka Pandey, Marketing Communication Associate at Claro Energy

Claro Energy

Team Claro Energy

Delhi-based Claro Energy is solving the problem of water scarcity in rural regions of India, by utilizing solar water pumps for irrigation, drinking and other purposes. It operates in high power deficit, diesel dependent, agrarian and poor economic regions of India. We aim to be the largest provider of affordable, adequate and timely irrigation to millions of farmers in India.

What do we do

Claro Energy has been working with state governments, commercial and industrial customers, agri-enterprises, farmer cooperatives and individual farmers in India to design and innovative affordable solar solutions to meet their water energy requirements for irrigation and drinking. In 6 years, with over 3000 off-grid solar pump systems installed in over 11 states across the country(Odisha, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana, U.P etc) the company is one of the front runners in the solar industry today. We have brought more than 12000 acres of land under irrigation and impacted more than 100000 lives.

Along with farmers, Claro is also partners with some of distinguished names in the industry like SULA Vineyards, ITC Limited, BREDA, CREDA, NTPC, PEDA, PUblic Health Engineering Department to name a few.

Our Product & Technology

Claro Energy offers a wide range of solar pumping solutions, including both AC and DC systems, ranging from 1 HP to 10HP kW, for both surface and submersible pump applications. Solutions are customized for customers, and both single and dual axis tracking by solar panels are offered. Along with this comes remote tracking through a mobile architecture of all pumping assets for fault detection, diagnosis and rectification in a timely and cost effective manner. We have also recently also added movable systems (on a pay-per-use format) to its stationary fixed ground mounted systems portfolio. Often our systems deliver more water, or run longer during the day, or are lower in cost compared to its competitors.

We have successfully managed to change to lives of farmers in rural areas of many Indian states and is committed to bring upliftment in the lives of the those who are responsible for putting food on our tables.

The organization is heavily involved in developing mass irrigation solutions, among other innovations, towards making agriculture more efficient and in tune with the times.

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