9 Proven Ways to Get Twitter Followers for Your Brand

Twitter Followers

Are you new to Twitter? Or do you want to get Twitter followers? If you have searched Google about this then you must have found advices like:

“Engage with people

“Share good content

“Be active blah blah blah…

But the good news is, I have brought something unique for you today. Here are 9 practical ways which I myself have started implementing, and I have got amazing results as well.

1. Follow others

Make it a habit of following 50 accounts every day. You can get a portion of followers from the number of accounts you follow. After that, use the Not Follow Me Twitter app to find and unfollow the users which haven’t followed you back.

2. Follow back your followers

Unlike other social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, relationships on Twitter aren’t mutual by default. Hence, you need to make relationships mutual by following back your followers. Remember, you are not a celebrity or news agency who can get followers without following anyone. Think like a common individual and follow back your followers. This will reduce your chances of getting unfollowed by your followers.

3. Tweet often

Nobody wants to tweet a person who never tweets. Make sure you tweet good content and links at least twice daily so that people with relevant interest as yours will surely follow you. You can also schedule tweets using free tools like TweetDeck, Buffer, and Hootsuite.

4. Retweet and Comment

Retweet useful tweets and comment on them. It is also a good idea to retweet tweets of your thought leaders and verified Twitter users, this can convince them to follow you.

5. Include hashtags in your tweets

Hashtags act as content tags on Twitter. Hashtags ensure that your tweets will reach people searching using specific hashtags or keywords related to the hashtags included in your tweets. So make sure to include a maximum of two hashtags in tweets. Use the trending hashtags. Trending hashtags are listed in the left sidebar of the Twitter wall.

6. Unfollow your unfollowers

It is recommended to unfollow people who have unfollowed you. According to Twitter’s norms, it is good to have more number of followers than what you follow. Because it leaves a good impression on your viewers and this can induce them to follow you. You can use Who Unfollowed Me Twitter app to keep track of your unfollowers.

7. Tweet to your thought leaders and celebs

It is a good hack to get quality followers. And to do that you need to get mentions and retweets by popular people. For that, you have to tweet to your thought leaders and celebs by mentioning them in your tweets using their @username. In case of a thought leader you can ask a question by tweeting to him or her. Because when you question them, they will reply you and you automatically gets a mention in their tweet. In case of celebs, you have to give your feedback about a particular celeb with a tweet. If they like your feedback then they will probably retweet it.

8. Participate in Twitter chats

Taking part in tweet chats is a good way to make your profile discoverable by relevant people. You can find the timeline and schedule of tweet chats on Join tweet chats relevant to your interest and ask questions or answer questions. This will people to recognize you as an industry relevant person worth following.

9. Like tweets of your interest

Search for terms related to your area of interest and like at least 100 tweets every day. The owners of the tweets you like will get notified and you will get visible to them. There are chances that you get followed by some of them.

In summary

These are the best methods to get Twitter followers I have found till now. I myself have implemented these and experiencing a tremendous hike not only in my followers but also in engagement. If you know any more tips to get Twitter followers then don’t hesitate while sharing them in the comments below.

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