Karnataka-Based VMEDO is Building A Medical Emergency Response Network

vmedo teamVMEDO (formerly, Blood For Sure) is an early stage start-up focused on solving Medical Emergency Healthcare problems. Started in the month of November 2014 at Shimoga (a small town in Karnataka, India), with the mission to “Save lives during Medical Emergencies”. In the last two years of operation, we have served more than 3000 people, with over 500 critical emergencies, which included- Ambulance booking, Hospital appointments, Blood donations, First aid and other Medical assistance.

The Problem

Over 90% of the people across the globe lack access to timely emergency care which leads to the death of millions of people every year.  Here are a few instances explaining the intensity of the problem

  1. This link shows an expectant mother in danger after the baby’s death in the womb due to lack of medical assistance.
  2. An Indian village where the healthcare facility never opens.
  3. A son dies on father’s shoulders after being denied medical facilities in Kanpur.
  4. Villagers suffering due to lack of medical services in Telangana.

“These were not just numbers for us but, a motivator to build VMEDO”

How We Started

It all started with an incident involving one of my family members, who had to suffer for a long time due to the unavailability of prompt emergency medical care in Shimoga. It was in Nov 2014, when I discussed this unfortunate incident with my friend Darshan M K (Co-founder, VMEDO), “Blood for Sure” was born.

The First version of the Blood For Sure app was launched on June 14th 2015, which included the feature of Blood Network where the blood donors could become volunteer blood donor and could request for a required- anywhere & anytime. Then in August 2015, the All India Helpline Number 08067335555 was launched.

The app was initially developed with a minimum budget but soon we were able to raise $50,000 from friends and family. The success of this app and the growing necessity for emergency response motivated us to add some more features to the app.

Hence, on Feb 6th 2016, in the presence of the Honourable Health minister of Karnataka, U. T. Kadhar, we launched the second version of Blood For Sure. The newly added features included Finding Ambulance, First aid tips and a Blood network feature which helped in finding the nearby blood donors & blood banks respectively.

These features included even the Private ambulances which began their operations in Bengaluru on Feb 10th 2016. The different types of private ambulances that are available to book in this app include Basic life support (BLS), Ambulance Life Support (ALS), Patient Transport Vehicle (PTV), Mortuary ambulance & Air Ambulance Services.

To make this process easier, a Control Management Application for Ambulance service providers, to manage their Fleets and trips, was released in March 2016.

After a successful operation in Bangalore, by assisting over 3000 medical emergencies, we expanded our operations to two more cities- Chennai & Mumbai in Jan 2017.

Blood for Sure is now VMEDO. The renaming was done in order to avoid any kind of misconceptions that the app provided services only related to the blood network. And hence, we launched its new version of Web and app on Feb 14th2017 with a few more added features like

  • Hospital specialisation and booking doctor appointments
  • Health tools like BMI Calculator, fat calculator, etc.
  • Friends’ blood group list.
  • Adding of emergency contacts
  • Emergency response button
  • Offline first aid audio assistance and many more.

After successful emergency assistance, we expanded VMEDO’s operations to Hyderabad & Pune in March 2017.

What is VMEDO and How does it work?

VMEDO is an early stage startup focused on solving Emergency Healthcare problems by creating a network of quality First responders, Ambulance providers, Hospitals, Blood donors, Blood Banks and making them accessible on a single platform (through web, App, Helpline ).

It is not just a mobile app; it is a complete ecosystem to help people during medical emergencies. It runs on the philosophy Vasudaiva Kutumbakam i.e. “The world is one family”.

People in Medical Emergencies can reach out to VMEDO control room from anywhere, anytime, just on the click of a button on the VMEDO Web/App or by dialling the Helpline no. 080-67335555. Our trained triage team will address the emergency and help the victim with the right medical advice/First aid tips over the phone. With the help of our advanced Control room software application, the triage team is able to assist the patient/guardian with the nearest First responder, ambulance and definitive care unit. As all the stakeholders are connected over a single platform, everyone gets the information about the incident along with its location and patient details within seconds, which makes the delivering of emergency response even more effective. The Triage team monitors the patient till he gets the proper medical care.

The entire process can be self-managed by a guardian/patient without the help of our triage team. People can make use of the First aid feature from this mobile app to deliver the basic first aid and hence stabilize the victim. They can also find and book the nearest ambulance, reach out to the nearest hospital/ definitive care unit and notify friends and family about the incident.

The platform is designed with an intention to drive a lot of voluntary activities and to spread the awareness of Emergency preparedness. People can register as a blood donor and as a First responder (only certified) and get intimated during Emergency.

The entire platform is designed and developed to achieve three things:

  1. Create a sense of awareness and Emergency preparedness among people.
  2. Get connected to the nearest Emergency responder in the quickest way possible.
  3. Enable responders to provide proper emergency care immediately.

By achieving these, we believe, can result in the following impacts:

  1. Increase the accessibility to quality emergency response.
  2. Decrease the emergency response time.
  3. Reduce the cost of emergency response.

With a vision– To build the world’s most reliable Emergency Response Network, we want to make Emergency response available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.                                          

App Features


VMEDO app has some of the finest features to assist people during medical emergencies and a few features to encourage volunteer activity. These include:

  1. First aid: This feature includes first aid tips for over 21 different emergency situations which are evaluated by some of the best doctors. It assists even when there is no internet connection and it has an automatic ‘text to speech’ converter which delivers first aid tips in an audio format.
  2. Find ambulance: This feature assists people in finding the nearest ambulance during emergencies. One can then choose from a list of different types of ambulance and reach out to the helpline to book an ambulance immediately.
  3. Find nearest Hospital: This feature assists people in finding the nearest hospital during emergency (currently only in Bangalore). It allows a user to search for hospitals based on various specializations, treatments, location, name and doctor. The user can then book an appointment with the hospitals/doctor or can contact the hospital directly through this feature.
  4. Find Blood: This feature assists people in finding the nearest blood bank, blood donor during emergencies. It connects the user to the Blood donors via phone and SMS.
  5. Health tools: VMEDO has got over 8 health tools like BMI calculator, Heart rate calculator, Fat calculator, etc.
  6. Emergency Contacts: A user can now add up to 5 emergency contacts. The app shares your location & other details to these contacts during any emergency situations.
  7. Emergency Button: This feature helps the users to notify Emergency to their emergency contacts, ambulance services and the nearest Police station, just on the click of a button.
  8. Creating your Profile and Social sharing: A user can set up his own Social profile, register as a blood donor and use the social sharing option to spread the word.

About the Team

VMEDO is a team of young, passionate soldiers backed by some of the experienced and socially responsible mentors. When the aim is to build the world’s best network of Emergency Medical Response, it requires an extraordinary commitment to achieve it. It is fortunate to have a dedicated bunch of individuals for whom ‘time’ is never a constraint and the term “work pressure” has never crossed their minds.

We are not a team because we work together. We are a TEAM because we respect, trust and care for each other.

I, Praveen Gowda (CEO & Co-founder of VMEDO), hail from the small town of Shimoga in Karnataka. I completed B.E in Bio-Medical & M.S in IT Healthcare from MIT, Manipal. I began my career as an intern in Philips and then started my first startup, at the age of 23, called “Arera Technologies”, a technology consultation firm.

Darshan M K (Director of VMEDO): Darshan M K, also from Shimoga, completed his B.E in Tele-communication from JNNCE, Shimoga.

Our Mentors

We have been fortunate enough to be guided by some of the most distinguished and respectable figures in the field of Healthcare. All this success at VMEDO is a result of the sound advice given by our mentors.

Mukesh K L: Entrepreneur, founder of Akeso Healthcare & a member of our advisory board who is passionate about technology based Healthcare industries.

Dr. Kumar V L S- National Disaster Response Team Member (NDRT): Dentist by profession & a team member of the Indian Red Cross society, Karnataka state branch, who gives consistent support to all our Volunteer activities.

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