9 Ways to Increase User Engagement for a Mobile App

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The success of your mobile app can be measured by user engagement, Active users and Revenue per user. If you are running a mobile product and want to engage more visitors to your app then don’t miss out these 9 strategies.

1. Personalization

Want to drive more traffic to your customers? If Yes, then do include personalization in your app where the customer can use live chat to communicate their requirements, leave a feedback, suggestion or complaint.

2. Amazing App Speed

A visitor will bounce out or will leave a 1 star if you mobile app loads slowly. Therefore, you need to take care that your app should start functioning within 2 seconds so as to build trust and confidence among your customers.

3. Simple Data Entry

It is much more difficult to fill details on mobile as compared to desktop. Hence, the designer needs to design a user friendly mobile form and layout.

4. Reward Functionality

Today, every user look for special discounts and offers. So, if you include the same functionality into your website then there is a high probability that user engagement will increase.

5. Proper Linking between Pages

Implement a proper navigation path into your app so as to provide your user a clear path which results in better user experience and saves valuable time.

6. Social Media Integration

Integrate social media platform in your app. It will help in converting your visitors to brand ambassadors as they can share their app activity on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

7. Simple On-Boarding

You need to make sure not to include complex registration forms or login credentials into your app as it will lead the user to bounce out of your app.

8. Frequent Updates

Not to showcase the same user interface whenever a user landed to your app. Keep on updating it’s new features, design and functionality.

9. Grab You Customer Reviews

Welcome any Feedback or complaint related to your app as it will help you to improve the app ratings and can be used to find NPS(Net Promoter Score) of your app.

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