Started Small So Will End Up Small: Breaking The Conventional Myth

Businesses are not born unicorns; they have to go through the toil which every seed faces in search of a ray of light to sprout out the mighty.

 “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, It’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  -MARK TWAIN

It was never about how small you started, a start itself is a pre-emptive proof that you are half –way through your journey. It certainly takes a lot to nurture a scalable growth in the latter bit of the journey, but even you can be the next ‘talk of the town unicorn.’

Though every entre-journey is unique, however, there are certain dictums if applied religiously will help you sail through in a scalable manner.

Strike Only When The Clock Is Right

Though a general theory which prevails is, sail, be it depression or recession. Out there is a trillion dollar economy, go get your share.

Timing matters! A smart play is the best play. Strike the market with your idea when it is ready. Small businesses get an edge over the rest, by making prompt choices to moderate the idea to probe the market according to the current hypothesis.

The anticipation of the market and the customer needs is a must to take a wise decision either to wait, till the market gets ready or to innovate and modify the offerings suiting the prevalent scenario. Practically the latter is better.

There is a simple math of success, ‘Right person + Right idea + Right product + Right time + Right market = Magic, like never before.’

P.S.: Don’t leave the economics to the academics! Apply it to scale good.

Brag Only When, It’s A Brand

Brand Building is not just a hype; it’s a stepping stone to customer’s equity. Authenticity is the best brand building process, which targets the psyche of the customers to compel them to crave for your brand.

“If your Business is not a Brand, it is a commodity.”-DONALD TRUMP

Set the name out in the market; let it capture the emotional intent which links it directly with your product. Follow the roadmap to polish your brand through the market,

  • Aim your Targets before you Fire: Aimless firing on anything and everything won’t take you far.
  • Connecting with the stars won’t Help: Aim to capitalise the emotional aspect of the prospects, by bragging the brand with some inspirational message.
  • Start from Home: Reinforce the sense of brand, in the employees at various levels within the organisation to build a long lasting image.

P.S.: Your Brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room..JEFF BEZOS

Repeat Sales Is The Key To Scale

Creating a unique product and a brand is not enough rather do everything for your customers, whatever it takes.

Your customers are humans, make them happy. Get them hooked, visit their parents for Thanksgiving, know their history or eat with them, in fact make them meet your competitors. Don’t worry; the crux is; become the source, a transparent source, no matter what, everyone comes back to the source.

A golden rule: People don’t buy for logical reasons; they buy for emotional reasons.”-ZIG ZIGLAR

Once a customer returns to the source, convert the leads into revenue on a repetitive basis. Serve them the right product in the right place at the right time.

P.S.: A satisfied customer is a lead forever, towards growth.

Become A Tech Freak Before The Technology Freaks You Out

In the ever-changing world, the only way to last for long is to keep yourself abreast with the ever changing technologies to help manage the business efficiently.

Bill Gates truly said, “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”

Create a right operating blueprint, with the help of analytics and metrics. It helps bridge the gap between your business idea and the accessible technology.

It not only streamlines the evaluation process of engagement of the audience, rather helps to create a digital presence for the brand which indeed leads to enhanced discoverability and traction.

P.S.: If your Business is not in line with technology, your business is out of business! 

Run! Not Away From Business But For Success

Run to distress, run to stay physically fit, run to be emotionally sound, run for mental calmness, run to stay motivated, run to be a game changer. A healthy you is a healthy idea machine.

Tame your Stress for success, remember a diamond was just a piece of charcoal, until it learnt to handle stress exceptionally well.

Meditate! Push your limits, don’t bother about downfalls. The crux is stay positive; no one likes to deal with a bitter, disturbed and an exhausted owner.

To scale your small business, you need to have your heart and soul in the business, and your business in your heart. It requires a thick skin and the inner peace to run all alone, at times. You have to keep running; the road might seem to be a life of failure and disappointment, until you meet a trespasser, addressing you as a unicorn.

P.S.: Handling dating problems and Software development problems together is injurious for business

Scaling up is essential to help the business grow in the long run, but it is a slow and a steady process. If you jump on in haste to scale high, you would end up draining your resources and will reduce the overall profitability.

A piece of advice for all business,

“Do not yearn to be popular; be exquisite.

Do not desire to be famous; be loved.

Do not take pride in being expected; be palpable, unmistakable.”


I hope the size of the fight in the dog, would eventually scale the size of the dog in the entre-fight. I hope every small business scales, the world is eagerly waiting for the day when we have such smart toilet seats which update doctors with our daily urinalysis report.

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