3 Gigantic Pros and Cons of Taking a Career Break That You Need to Know

career break

Do you feel like you’re just dragging yourself to work? Do you feel bored with doing the same exact thing for seven straight years? Are you burned out on your job? You probably need a break from your career for a quick moment.  But the question is, how can taking a career break affect your life?

Career break, often called Sabbatical, is when you decide to take a vacation or a break from work and try to shift your focus more on your personal life. Career gurus consider this to be a productive way to assess if the job you are in right now is indeed a learning experience for you rather than it being a career destroyer.

However, sometimes having a break from your job can make you lose passion towards your job and may create more havoc in the long run.

Since we’re tackling about the concept of having a break from one’s career, one should note in mind that doing so has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages which may give the person a benefit or aid. Here are just some of the pros and cons of taking a break:

Pros of Having a Career Break

  1. Helps improve your relationship with your family

Sometimes, the load of work you are facing every day makes it hard for you and your family to bond. It keeps you separated from your family and loved ones. Having a break from your job is the best time for you to catch up with them.

  1. Perfect to learn a new skill

Your ideas and your imagination are only limited to the things that you do in the workplace that is why learning and developing a new skill is hard. But when you take a break from all that’s related to your work, you’ll have more time in exploring new things. Who knows? You might discover something that you want to pursue, right?

  1. It can help your employer

Apart from what we know, a break from your career will help you, your manager, and your team, if ever you have one. Imagine, how can your teammates perform without you?

By taking a vacation from your work, your manager will be able to know how the team works in your absence.

Cons of Having a Career Break

  1. You become idle

When you’re thinking about taking a break from your usual job, you also have to consider the fact that you’ll be idle at home. Yes, the family’s there to entertain you while you’re taking a sabbatical, but if you’re a busy person, you’ll find this boring since your schedule will be empty.

  1. Costly in the long run

When you decide to take a break, you may not initially think of this but doing so would be expensive on your end. When you’re the breadwinner, since you’re taking a break from the office, that means that you’re not getting any cent for the mean time. So where, will you get your everyday expenses? More like in your savings, right?

  1. Slow career progress

When you’re taking a break from your job, your progress in your workplace will be still. This problem is common to those who are candidates for promotion. You’re not losing the progress that you acquired over time though; it’s just more like in a temporary freeze.


Every employee or anyone who works needs a sabbatical but also put in mind that it also has its set of disadvantages. If you’re not happy with your job, then you may find this beneficial for you. Do you have stories related to career break? Share it down in our comment box!

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